Long distance relationship gift ideas

Are you in a long distance relationship looking for some gift ideas to mail to your lover? We have compiled a list of the best, cheapest, most thoughtful gifts to send to your significant other just for that occasion. Instead of sending her another box of chocolates, or mailing him another bottle of his favorite cologne, try some of these homemade creative gifts instead for a more romantic effect.

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How to make an origami sticky note heart

Have you ever wanted to send a loved one a simple origami heart? We have a very simple tutorial to teach you just that. Not only have origami hearts and folding paper been proven to release hormones in the brain that reduce anxiety and clear depressing thoughts, they also produce a nice little gift for a loved one. Although there are tons of different methods to try and fold many different hearts, we will start with a very simple design that can also be used as a bookmark. Interestingly enough, a post it, or sticky note, can be used as is for a sheet of origami paper.

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