Should I start on a 250cc or 600cc motorcycle?

Are you a beginning motorcycle rider deciding on which size engine to start on? You are at the right place to gain some knowledge to weigh on your decision. There are tons of variables that will go into your decision to pick either a small or a larger bike. For those that don’t have any experience operating a manual clutch, I immediately recommend the smaller bike. Many riders take a safety course before purchasing their first bike.

I also recommend taking a motorcycle safety course to gain the basic understanding of how motorcycles work and to pick up on the basic skill early. The earlier you start great habits, the less you will have to correct bad ones. Start early, and fix errors in riding when you learn to ride a motorcycle. Finding a starter bike can be easy if you know where to look.

Best beginner motorcycle

Searching for the best motorcycle to learn on? As time goes on, there is always more and more motorcycles being engineered and developed. There are so many motorcycles to choose from, and the best part is, that some of the older motorcycles are very cheap and reasonably priced. See, there are tons of great motorcycles to learn on, but it helps when you can buy a cheap sport bike for $1000.

I started when I was a teenager, learned how to work the clutch, and counter-steer on a CBR250. I may be a bit biased when I say this, but it was a great bike for me to learn on. You can purchase used bikes on craigslist for under $1500, and insure it for under $100 a year. Some people ask the question about insurance for 18 year old motorcycle riders or even 17 and 16 year olds trying to get their motorcycle license. Many teenagers are quite anxious to hop on a cheap, basic motorcycle that they can show off to their friends. One of the most tempting activities as a teenager, and for many riders, is to pop a wheelie, or rev the engine really fast, or to hit 140mph on the highway.


The part of being a responsible rider is understanding that there is a time and a place for this. You can pop wheelies in parking lots wearing the appropriate gear. You can rev the engine when you are away from a town, and won’t cause any annoyance. And there is a time to hit that 140mph in 4th gear on the track. There are many great motorcycles to start on, and watching hundreds of Youtube videos and reading the ranting comments have taught me that confidence is a very important factor in choosing. The mindset that you will fail will greatly influence your chances of having an accident.

Another thing to put into thought is that as you start getting into larger bikes, the aftermarket tutorials and accessories start to decline. If you want a brand-spanking new exhaust that sounds boss, you’ll have a much better chance of buying it for a Ninja 300 as opposed to a Hayabusa 1300. In other words, if you want to paint, get grip tape, a sweet exhaust, heated handle bars, fender eliminators, custom brakes, better lights, and darker windscreens, then you will want to invest in a smaller, lower engine size bike. For some people, the trade off of power to customization is a consideration many buyers make and struggle to decide on.


250 vs 600

See, many people try to decide between a 250cc engine or a 600cc engine motorcycle. First, you must realize that these happen to be the most common sizes, but there are tons of other motorcycles in different sizes. In fact, most people would be best starting off on a 450cc. Second, for most people, especially if you can’t decide, you should automatically pick the 250cc. See, most 250 cubic centimeters motorcycles don’t reach a speed over 90mph, and have an easy throttle to control. The first season of owning a motorcycle, you should be focusing on technique.

Turning, leaning, and looking are all points one should focus on early on to become proficient in riding a motorcycle. Most people don’t consider the bike to be underpowered, until around gear 5 anyways. Great for on the highway, and especially wonderful in town, the cbr250 is an awesome beginner motorcycle. Coming from a car, or truck, riding a motorcycle is a completely new experience.

Also, your personal weight is a factor to consider. A 250cc motorcycle can carry up to 300 pounds easily, and gains extreme flickability under 100. Turning corners is very easy at low speeds. However, a 600cc motorcycles have been known to carry loads up to 450 pounds. They require slower turns and can’t turn as sharp as their counterparts. If you are overweight, or have a large frame, consider investing in a larger bike to still feel the same power and force.

There is so much acceleration behind the tiny engine, and the frame of the motorcycle is so light that you can zoom by extremely quick. For the first few seconds, a Kawasaki Ninja 300 can beat a 2015 Ford Mustang. On the other hand, a 600cc supersport GSX-R can hit over 65 mph in only first gear. Remember that there are 6 gears on the average GSX-R. It is an entire new experience when feeling the force and high acceleration of vehicle on two wheels. Even the corners, and making sharp turns still give me butterflies. I guarantee that the first 10 times you hop on a motorcycle for the first time, butterflies will start to try and make their way out, and you will feel all giddy revving it up.

It’s just a wonderful experience that shouldn’t be ruined by an accident. Also, another thing: don’t let the fear of an accident turn you away from riding a 600cc. Always wear the proper motorcycle protection, such as leather jackets, jeans, and gloves. Note that a helmet is not always required by law, but even then you should still wear one. In other words, if you wear the proper protection, you will be fine. Some may argue that the clothing is bulky, doesn’t look as cool, and is quite expensive. Let me tell you something; the pain and scars from road rash or a few broken bones should scare you into wearing all of these protective items. People that ride around in basketball shorts and a brotank, showing no signs of fear (or rather respect) for a possible accident, are called squids. Motorcycle squids are usually looked down on, especially by those who ride Harley’s and other large bikes. For a 600cc super sport, consider choosing between a FZ6R, Ninja 650R, GSX-R, or the ZX6. They are wonder starter bikes in the 500-700 engine range.

600 vs 1000

Don’t even start considering this until you have a few years on a 250, or at least a 450. Statistically, new motorcycle riders are going to have an accident. Be smart and stay safe by sticking to a smaller engine for a while to learn the basics. I mean, if you’re going to get in a motorcycle accident, it might as well be on a cheap 250cc engine than a 1000cc liter beast. Although the liter bike may look awesome, make orgasmic sounds, and accelerate like no other, it is also extremely dangerous. People die on liter bikes. With that said, people die on all motorcycles, but beginners have a higher chance of error on the road. Before you even start up a 1000cc or 1300cc motorcycle, you should have at least a year of experience under your belt.

I can’t explain to you how dangerous a liter bike is to beginners. You wouldn’t give a nuclear reactor to an engineering student would you? No, they need the encouragement, the experience, the knowledge, and the drive to actually want to do well. The same idea goes for motorcycles. There is nothing more valuable in the motorcycle world than a year’s worth of pure technique practice. Anyways, I just wanted to inform you that with a small flick of the wrist, even for a microsecond, can flip a liter motorcycle easily. There is so much power. Remember the famous saying, “with great power, comes great responsibility”? Yeah, that is so true in this situation. Riding a motorcycle, you will become greatly responsible for many lives, including yours.

Another comment made by an owner of a 250R, ZX6r, and ZX14 is that the 250R is probably the most fun. Seriously, the two more powerful bikes are fun, but they are made for long, stretches of highway and racing on the track. The 250R, however, is designed for fuel-efficient in town riding. For many people, this is where most of the travelling happens, and the turns and winding roads can be a lot of fun. The insurance on the smaller bike is also the cheaper. The older you are, and the less accidents you have on your record, the lower your insurance on the bike will be. If you are still trying to decide between a 250cc motorcycle and a 600cc engine, I would go with the 250. Think of it this way, if you spend a year on a 249cc motorcycle, then you will have gained skills and value from it, and you can turn around and sell your motorcycle for almost the same price if you kept it in great shape.


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