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Methods to Kill Ants Overnight

Ants can be found almost anywhere on the world. They also can be pretty annoying if you don’t want them pestering your sweets. Spring is when ants start sending out scouts for food sources, and you need to be proactive about protecting your home from these little insects.¬†We are going to offer you a few little tips and tricks you can do that are quite simple and cheap to get rid of ants around your house. Everything from bug bombs to chalk lines, you will learn all the amazing little tips to getting rid of ants in your house quickly.


This is a really cheap and simple solution to ants invading your house. Just buy some tape, whether that be electrical, duct, painter’s, or scotch tape and put it around cracks in your house. This will create a barrier that the ants won’t be able to crawl over and you will effectively cure your ant problem. You can also use tape to fill up cracks and holes you think they might be crawling through if possible. Any type of tape will work, just make sure that it’s durable enough that the little bugs can’t chew through it easily. If you look hard enough, you may even find some specialized ant barrier tape at your local hardware store that is manufactured to keep these pests out.


Another method of reducing the amount of ants in your home involves creating a barrier. You can buy a bottle of caulk and a caulk gun for about $40. Use this pasty liquid to fill in all the holes around your house, inside and out. Ants can’t be in your house if they can’t get in it in the first place. This will also reduce other insects and bugs that try crawling into your home as well as reduce heating and cooling costs.

Salt and chalk are other barricade methods. The ants literally can’t crawl over the tiny granules of the substance and will leave it alone. Salt usually doesn’t stain, and chalk is pretty easy to pick up, so these are great techniques to get rid of ants overnight.¬†Drawing the line, literally and figuratively is pretty easy to do with chalk.

Scents that they don’t like

You could try spraying around some scents that repel ants. Ants can smell through their highly-honed antennae, which detect only minute and strong odors. Many times you can deter scouting ants by simply placing some of these scents around your house. Some of these include fragrances that are pleasing to many people, which is awesome because not only will you be fixing your ant problem, you may also be getting rid of a bad smell! Some scents that ants hate include:

  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Peppers
  • Vinegar
  • Oregano
  • Paprika
  • Cinnamon

Just buy an air freshener with these scents for a mild effect, or actually purchase the fruit or spice and sprinkle it around your house. Many homeowners love the smell of lemons because it often covers up other unappetizing smells with a breath of fresh air. Others find the smell of peppers to singe their nose hairs and would rather have a colony of ants right in their living room than stinky peppers. Cinnamon seems to work the best as the scent is not too intrusive, but will still repel ants effectively. This list of scents that repel ants is quite short and there are tons of other ingredients you may find in your pantry that scare them away.

Borax Bait

Borax might be the leading compound sold to eliminate ants. Ants just find this stuff to be as sweet as icing on a cake, however it is poisonous and will kill them shortly after digesting it. Look no further to find a home remedy that gets rid of ants fast! Borax is commonly used as a pesticide for many insects and has been proven to work on ants.

Borax is probably the best poison you can use to kill ants since it is generally non lethal to humans. Say your dog gets in a pile of dead ant bodies and decides to eat a few. If you killed these ants with borax, your pup won’t have any major or chronic side effects. Humans can consume (I do not recommend) a small amount of borax and only feel a slight stomach ache.

Borax is a salt from an acid of the element bromine. It generally comes in a box of white powder that looks similar to chalk or flour. Boric acid has been used for medicinal purpose for many years and now it is being used as a pesticide by professional exterminators. Sprinkling this flour-like substance around your house may prevent them from entering, but you need to dissolve it in water and sugar to make them want to eat it. After they eat it, they will start travelling back to their nest and die on the way. This ingredient is harmless to humans in low doses, but I would still recommend keeping it away from your pets and small children for safety reasons.


Make sure that after you have killed all of the ants in your house and have a bunch of dead ant carcasses laying around that you pick them up. The easiest way is to use a vacuum. Disposing of these ants properly is futile to ensure that the poison you may have killed them with doesn’t contaminate anything else. Imagine your kitchen infested with ants and the poisonous borax that they ate 10 minutes ago. Clean them up as soon as you seem them and this won’t be a problem. This method is generally used for a massive ant infestation where killing the ants one by one would be easier just to suck with up with a ShopVac and throwing them out.


Ant fogger, ant bomb, bug bomb, fumigator are all names for a little device that fills the room with a smoke-like substance that coats your furniture with toxins that are oblivious to humans, but will kill insects. These are generally unreliable and may cause harm to your furniture. Some people have sensitive skin and may be allergic to the toxins produced from the fogger that is meant to kill ants, but may irritate their skin. Always read the reviews and product descriptions very carefully before purchasing from Amazon. Check out this ant fogger from Walmart; it seems to be of high quality. Ant foggers are pretty simple to use, and the directions on the can or containers usually have pictures to help you with installation.

Food in airtight container

This is probably the most important step you can do to kill ants in your house. You can literally get rid of ants overnight if you follow this method correctly. Simply clean up all the food in your house and make sure it is in places the ants can’t get to. They will have no business in your house if there is no food in there. Wipe down your kitchen counters, vacuum up that popcorn mess in the living room, and even sweep under the rug every once and while just to make sure there is no food hiding under there.

Preventing ants in the first place will reduce and eliminate the need to get rid of them in the future. Be proactive and do stuff that will keep them from coming back. Simply purchase an official insecticide and spray it properly around your house to kill bugs such as fleas, ticks, spider, and ants. This will make your house a nicer place to live in and reduce disease in your neighborhood. Keeping your yard mowed and under 3 inches tall will also slow the production of ant nests spreading in your backyard. I find that sweeping up leaves in the fall and either burning them or placing them in a compost pile somewhere away from your house works well at keeping all kinds of bugs away. Ants, spiders, snakes, and other creepy crawlies love to hide under leaves during the winter.

Also, if you can, try to keep your counter tops and floors as clean as possible. Wiping them down once a day will eliminate any scent trails scouts leave behinds so they won’t know where to go. Soapy water works best and will wipe up any food crumbs as well. I recommend spraying a pesticide on the outside of your house to discourage scouting ants from crawling up the exterior and eventually inside your home.

If you followed all of these steps and still are having problems with ants, you may want to hire a professional exterminator who know’s what they are doing. They have had years of experience in the field and know the ins and outs of the service. Who know, if you ask them for some advice you may even stop them from coming back again. Found any better tips or tricks to keeping ants out of your house? Leave a comment below because we would love to discuss new ideas and possible even add your best tips to the article!


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