Long distance relationship gift ideas

Are you in a long distance relationship looking for some gift ideas to mail to your lover? We have compiled a list of the best, cheapest, most thoughtful gifts to send to your significant other just for that occasion. Instead of sending her another box of chocolates, or mailing him another bottle of his favorite cologne, try some of these homemade creative gifts instead for a more romantic effect.

Jar of hearts

This is particularly a great long distance relationship idea for those who have some extra time. Start by following my origami post it note heart tutorial and create about 100 of these little cute hearts. They take about 3 minutes each, and according to some quick math, it would take about 5 hours total to have this many. Now, you want to find a very small jar, a large jar works fine too but you will have to make more, and fill up this jar with the hearts. Simply stuff them in there until you can’t stuff any more. I used a recycled vitamin bottle and used some GooGone to scoop off all the stickers on the side so the bottle was transparent and can see all the hearts inside.

Write something sweet on the outside such as “These are all of my hearts you’ve stolen” or “I made one every time I thought of you”. This makes for a perfect anniversary gift, but can also be used for birthday or just because. Anyone going through a temporary long distance relationship would love a gift such as this from their significant other. If you had extra time, you could decorate the outside of the bottle. Even more, one could write little messages on every single heart to prove how much you thought of your significant other through the long distances.

Open when letter

Not only will this gift make your significant other smile for a day, it has the outstanding ability to encourage them to smile for weeks, even months at a time. The idea is simple: write a bunch of letters for your long distance lover to open at certain times. Here are some ideas:

  • Open when you’re bored
  • Open when you’re sad
  • Open when you need a laugh
  • Open when you miss me
  • Open when you its out anniversary
  • Open when you want to hold my hand
  • Open when you wonder how much I love you
  • Open when you’re feeling mushy or romantic
  • Open when you need to pray
  • Open when you’re worried
  • Open when you’re thinking about our future
  • Open when you’re having a great day
  • Open when you’re having a terrible day
  • Open when we have a fight
  • Open when you’re feeling sick

See? The potential for this gift is limitless. You could literally write thousands of letters for your lover to open. I personally know there is nothing better than opening a letter from someone I love and seeing their handwriting. You will get a smile every time they open one. You can mail them one at a time or put them all in a box and ship them off. Either way, put all the love and heart into these inspiring gifts. Also, don’t forget to take time and decorate each and every letter. They must be personalized to have that wonderful effect. For example, on the “Open when it’s your birthday” card, draw a couple balloons around, and possible stick some money in with it. You can include pictures or other small trinkets like chocolate kisses or bubble wrap for to reduce stress.

Picture frames

Here’s an idea. Start with a medium sized picture frame. Inside the picture frame, put a single, high-quality, digitally printed photo of both of you. If you’re lucky, there will be some extra space between the photo and the frame. On this surface, you can write a heart-filled love letter. Not only will your significant other smile at the photo, they will also smile at the letter you wrote. Imagine them hanging it up on a wall they walk by every day and smiling. That’s the kind of joy long distance partners should share. These picture frames and printed photos are generally relatively cheap and easy to find.

Little notes in letters

Here’s one that is exceptionally sweet and is guaranteed to make your loved one smile. All that’s required is a little package of post it notes. These aren’t even required and it is possible to just use folded pieces of paper to write notes on. Anyhow, just come up with some sweet messages to leave your significant other. Here’s the catch. Instead of mailing them directly to your lover, mail them to the friends of your lover. Try to aim for people they see on a daily situations. Tell them to hand them to her at random times. For example, mail a few to one of her coworkers and tell them to give them to her when she seems down. Not only will she smile when she realizes they are handwritten from you, but this interaction will also make the coworker happy for helping!

52 things I love about you

This is a great DIY LDR gift that is cheap and has the opportunity to mean a lot. Start with a deck of playing cards, there should be around 54 including the jokers. Start by coming up with a list of stuff you love about him or her. Do you like her laugh? Is his manly smell extremely attractive? Write down a list of stuff that is unique and spend some time personalizing it.

After you have a list, buy some name sticky notes, like those that usually say “Hi, my name is…”. Stick these name cards onto one side of the playing cards so that you have a blank space to write on. Then, write all of your cute little notes on the sticker leaving little drawings and hearts occasionally.

The last step is to get a hole punch and punch two holes on each card. This is a very repetitive and monotonous task, so take some breaks every now and then. Buy some binder rings and finish the project by clipping them all together. This wonderful LDR project takes about two hours to complete and will be the source of many smiles.

Sweatshirts and mugs

Matching sweatshirts are a great idea! Consider purchasing a few cute Disney sweatshirts from Ebay or Amazon that match. Every time you put on your sweatshirt, you will remember where it is from and immediately start thinking of your significant other. There are tons of matching adorable couples sweatshirts ideas on Pinterest and Facebook. Start your search today, and try to make it something that you both enjoy, such as Disney, a favorite band, or TV show. An alternative to matching sweatshirts is mugs. This works great for coffee-loving couples, as they can get warm mugs to use every morning. I recommend his and her coffee mugs for avid coffee drinkers. Some even start a collection. For a cheaper option, try some matching tee shirts. Browse through Pinterest to find the latest couple’s shirts and clothing ideas.

There are a multitude of many other gifts that you can find online and send. In fact, there is an entire business that sells merchandise specifically marketed towards long distance relationship lovers.

Netflix and Skype date

Here’s a long distance relationship date idea. Start by calling the other on Skype. If you don’t know what Skype is, it allows you to video chat over the internet. I wouldn’t recommend this method if you have a limited amount of data. However, Skype is a wonderful tool that allows you to see and hear your lover just like they were right there. Not only will it let you see through your significant other’s webcam, you can also share screens. This means starting up some Netflix and choosing the “share screen” option. Click the button with a plus on it at the bottom. This will allow you or your partner to share the Netflix show and stream it to both of you at the same time. Little did you know you can still have movie dates while apart. Not only will you be able to watch the movie, but you can also still carry on a conversation and view their facial emotions. Netflix and Skype are a perfect date idea for those who are apart and have an limitless high speed internet connection.

Taptap wristband

The Taptap wristband is an entirely new revolutionary way to deal with long distance relationships. The idea is simple, each person in a couple get a special relationship. The new wristband is designed to be connected to the internet. You see, when your partner taps on the wristband, or you tap on yours, the other will vibrate, sending a short message. The average price of a wristband pair is around $130 USD, but these smart wristbands can be used for so much more. Activity tracking is one of the features, and they might possibly include more, advanced features in the future. This awesome wristband that connects couples over long distances anywhere in the world is a great LDR gift!

Just remember that about any gift you decide to send your significant other will make them smile. Since you mean so much to them, and they mean so much to you, the gift is more than just an exchange of currency. It’s a way of saying “I think of you a lot while we’re apart”. ¬†You are sending them little reminders that you always think about your long distance relationship. The gift ideas for relationships over seas are crazily limited by your imagination. Try to personalize every gift and make sure it’s not something that is too generic or just a show of money. Instead, but some genuine thought into the gift and you will earn a much wider smile and deepen the relationship.


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