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How to make an origami sticky note heart

Have you ever wanted to send a loved one a simple origami heart? We have a very simple tutorial to teach you just that. Not only have origami hearts and folding paper been proven to release hormones in the brain that reduce anxiety and clear depressing thoughts, they also produce a nice little gift for a loved one. Although there are tons of different methods to try and fold many different hearts, we will start with a very simple design that can also be used as a bookmark. Interestingly enough, a post it, or sticky note, can be used as is for a sheet of origami paper.

Origami heart gift ideas

Most origami requires a square sheet of paper, and post it notes are almost a perfect square, which makes them a desirable target to fold. The instructions provided in this tutorial are easy and simple to follow, just look at the pictures if you get stuck. Some origami artists enjoy making hearts using a technique referred to index card origami, but we are going to stick to post it note origami. This tutorial will guide you though how to make a heart with origami, step by step, until you have the finished product, which you can view by scrolling down to the last step. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I’ll reply as quickly as possible.

Post it note heart tutorial

These little gifts are exceptionally great for long distance relationships. See, the idea is to make one of these little hearts every time you think of your significant other and store them in an origami box. After months have passed and it’s finally time to reunite with your long distance lover, just hand them the box as a gift. I recommend writing little love notes on each heart for added effect. These little hearts take about 3 minutes to fold, and some experienced folder can make them even quicker. Little did you know that these can be used as Valentine’s day hearts too! They will literally add value to every aspect of your life. Decoration, Valentine’s gift, and even a a little reminder to your spouse that you are thinking of them, origami hearts are perfect for every situation.

First start by folding the post it note in half.

After that, fold it in half again, creating a smaller square.

Now unfold the entire post it note and you will have four basic squares which will be used as guidelines for additional folding. When folding the origami heart, use your fingernails to create very rigid and sharp creases. This will make for a better and smoother end product.

Next, fold the bottom quarter of the paper up to the halfway mark. Refer to the picture for additional help.

Now flip the paper over. Fold both bottom corners up to the center to create a pentagonal shape. I wouldn’t recommend creasing these perfectly to the center mark, maybe just a hair back to give the folding some space and make the origami heart look better in the end.

Now flip the post it note over and you should have what looks like the image below. I’m sorry for the blurriness of it, but you get the idea.

Fold the bottom part of the paper up and touch the top edge. This may be quite difficult to do and requires a bit of practice, but you’ll have a perfect beating heart in no time.

Flip the piece over and you should have this very strange looking shape. See those tiny little flaps? This is where most people mess up.


Take those flaps and fold them down. You may have to fold this a couple times to get it correctly, but the idea is to fold them straight down and make two perfect triangles. Again, I apologize for the blurry image, the quality of these articles will increase greatly after I purchase a new camera and can re-upload these tutorials. For now, at least you can see the heart starting to form.

Aha, now we are starting to get something that resembles the tip top corners of a heart. Now fold in the little tiny triangles at the top which forms the curves. If needed, or you want to, tuck these little flaps under the base.

We are almost done! Take the larger side flaps and fold them in to the center line. Remember that both of these should be sticky and stick to the side. Although this is desirable, it may make the next step more difficult.

Now fold the corners in and stick them to the center. The glue from the sticky note should hold it together, if not consider using some tape.

Now flip it over and you have completed your first origami heart. This is a very simple design and doesn’t do much other than look nice and can be used as a bookmark. Remember, these little gifts can be used to cheer up loved ones, get rid of almost any bad mood, and you can even give one to a stranger. What a wonderful lovely origami heart.

And this is the finished tutorial for an origami heart made from a standard post it note. If you’d like to see more tutorials, leave a comment below and we will be happy to find, create, and upload a new tutorial. This ends the origami heart post it note tutorial! Also note that this is the very first tutorial on getridofthebad.com, so comments and constructive criticism is greatly accepted!

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