Paper gun that actually shoots bullets instructions

How to make a paper gun that shoots

Have you ever wanted an AK-47, or some other form of paper gun, but you don’t want to spend thousands on a real one? I will show you how to make one out of paper and tape. This paper gun really does shoot paper bullets, you just have to blow though one of the ends of the tube. The most I have ever shot it was about 30 feet. This gun has a real working bolt action core, which makes reloading easy. Whether you are a paper hobbyist that makes and collects paper guns or gun look-alikes, or thought this was a cool nifty toy that you could impress your friend with, I guarantee that this is the easiest to make paper AK-47 on the web. We will show you step-by-step how to manufacture a gun that shoots projectiles simply by blowing air through a tube. What’s more fun than making a paper gun that fires?

I am not responsible for any harm done to you, your friends, or any other animals. I do not recommend pointing this weapon at any living creature unless you know who they are, and do not aim for their face. Making and owning this homemade paper gun that actually shoots paper bullets is at your own responsibility. Do not bring this paper weapon into school, college, or any other public place as this will violate many laws and zero tolerance local policies. Keep yourself out of trouble and only make and use these basic guns in your house and on your own property. I plan on writing many more of these paper weapon tutorials, and will spend a lot of time in the next few months digging up and researching how to make a paper revolver, since it seems to be the most inquired about. Now let’s get onto making your paper AK 47!

Homemade paper gun instructions

1) Roll a piece of paper around a pencil, and tape it. This tube will be known as tube 1. It will be the slider part of the barrel. These small tubes will be the very basic building block of making a paper gun. I recommend using standard A4 paper as it works best, but construction paper and other forms of writing material work well too.

2) Tape 3 pieces of paper together, and roll them around tube 1. This is tube 2. This is the barrel. Follow the same basic principle as step 1.  You are literally just creating a very basic tube out of paper and will be using it to form the paper gun barrel. Those proficient with origami skills will have a great time building this.

3) Tape 2 pieces of paper together, and roll them around tube 1. This is tube 3. You will end up with a slightly larger tube in diameter, and it should slide right over tube 2.


4) Insert tube 1 into tube 2 and cut a rectangle about 1 cm tall, and 5 cm wide. This will be where you put your bullet into. Refer to the How-to video on this paper part, as it is hard to understand in writing. Anyways, you will be creating the bolt-action part of the gun in this step. It is extremely interesting if done correctly, and will take practice to master. As you may have realized by now, just reading these instructions can be a little difficult. I recommend reviewing the pictures posted for ideas, and watching a few instructional Youtube videos to get a better idea on how to construct these rifles. Also, don’t limit yourself to rifles. You can make pistols, flamethrowers, RPG’s, and even tiny grenades if needed. Image how fun it is to throw a tiny paper grenade at your coworker!

5) Tape tube 3 onto the bottom of tube 2. Now we have the barrel.This will give you the basic part of the gun, and all that is left is to prepare and tape on the stock and accessories. You can make scopes, barrel extensions, double sided clips, and anything else just like a real gun.

6) Roll a piece of paper into a handle type and tape it onto the end of the barrel. This will be your handle, you can add a trigger if you want to, but it wont do any thing, as it does not connect to the paper gun. The trigger will just be for aesthetics. There are tons of tutorials out there that teach you how to incorporate a rubber band into shooting a paper bullet. I find that if you want to make an automatic rubber band gun, knex work amazingly well. K’nex is basic building blog like legos, except they are much more fun and your building ideas are limitless. Some engineers have even found a way to implement springs into the paper structures.

7) Follow the instruction on the video to make a magazine and tape it near the handle. Make sure you follow the instruction and tape it correctly as this is the hardest part of the gun. Note that the magazine doesn’t do anything but look cool. It will also increase the weight of the gun, making it more realistic.

8) To customize it, mix 50-50 flour and water to make a paper mache paste. Cut newspaper into 1×4 inch of strips. dip strips in paper mache and cover the gun. Paint the gun after all the Paper mache has dried. There are also tons of guides on the internet to teach you how to use paper mache properly, but this general recipe works great.

Now you should be finished with your very own Paper gun Ak 47. For more information on how to make this gun, watch the video above. I recommend using more than one color of paper to make your gun look better. Aim for camouflage colors if possible, or use acrylic paint to add a nice little coat over your finished product.

Also, make sure your tubes are small, because the smaller the tube, the larger the airflow, which means your bullet will go further, and longer. Sometimes the bullets are difficult to make if you are new to making paper guns. First, cut out a triangle. Then roll the triangle up into a shape that resembles a cone and cut it off so it fits in the tube perfectly.

You could also add a scope to this, a stock, or even figure out a way to make a tripod. I will leave all of that thinking to you. You can also modify the gun to fit your needs. I have seen lots of other videos and how-tos on the web how to make these. This is probably the easiest one to make that actually shoots paper bullets! I hope that you will make this gun and show off to your friends or family with it.

I’ve heard of some people making these, and selling them to people on the web, and at fairs or a flea market. A good rifle with a stock, and tripod can go for up to $30. I wouldn’t recommend selling one that hasn’t been used. Also beware that if they have been used, they probably have germs other bacteria on the mouthpiece, so find a way to incorporate a removable or replaceable mouthpiece. For extra aesthetic purposes, you could easily tape on a little laser pointer to make the homemade gun a fake laser gun that actually shoots a laser beam where you plan on shooting it.

You could also make a different gun, like a sniper rifle or a pistol. You can even just use a tube, and make a paper bullet. That brings up paper bullets. To make one, all you have to do roll up a square of paper(about 4 inches by 4 inches) so that it is shaped like a cone. Now, this is the most common bullet, their are many others that use tacks, or nails for educational purposes. Paper is a very useful material in constructing many things. I remember when I was young, I would take paper and use it to make many interesting shapes and designs by manipulating origami. I found ways to incorporate scissors, glue, and even rubber bands into the homemade paper gun. It was so much fun designing these toys with my brothers and having little wars.

You see, we weren’t old enough yet to actually purchase and use airsoft rifles, so we built ourselves alternatives. Since paper is relatively cheap and very easy to get, it was a perfect idea. We went through probably 5 full stacks of paper, and at least 20 rolls of tape before we finally decided we had made enough guns. From an AK-47, Uzi, P90, 9mm, to even a tiny flamethrower, we literally tried to design every gun we could with paper. A paper machine gun that shoots bullets pretty rapidly can be produced from cheap little plastic toys branded K’nex. One can find instructions on how to build all these accessories throughout the web. Just remember that there is a major upgrade from paper origami guns, to 3-D shooting tube guns to K’nex rubber band powered shooters.

If you make it, feel free to comment that you did and include any tips or tricks you have to share. Building hobby toy guns can be a very fascinating sport and a wonderful time-consuming activity that produces a very nice product in the end. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy your new paper gun!


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