Stretch mark removal

How to get rid of stretch marks naturally

Getting rid of those annoying stretch marks that you see when you look in the mirror can be quite a difficult task without the proper knowledge. With this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with many ways and tips at completely getting rid of your fat marks and tiger stripes. The first thing to understand is that it will take a lot of determination and persistent to get rid of these scars that took months or years to develop. Keep your expectations realistic, and hope for the best, but know that it takes a lot of work, time, and money to remove these pesky cosmetic annoyances.

What are stretch marks?

Are you looking for something that can get rid of stretch makes? First, you must understand where stretch marks come from and what causes stretch marks. Most stretch marks are a result of sudden changes in body size or weight. There are also pregnancy stretch marks, which are caused by the major expansion of the lady’s stomach. Many of these stretch marks can be cured by the same methods, so pay attention to the information below. The skin will grow or shrink too fast, causing tears in the cells, which become known as “stretch marks”.

Generally those who gain a bunch of weight, panic, and then lose it really quickly will have these marks simply because the elastic fibers under your skin break and don’t have enough time to heal. Even bodybuilders have stretch marks on their arms when they put on too much muscle at once. They call these “success marks”. These tears can be difficult to get rid of, but with enough time they can go away.

90% of women in their sixth to seventh moth of pregnancy are very likely to develop stretch marks. Little do people know, but genetics is also a major factor. Obese people are at high risk of developing these side effects of losing weight too quickly. Even stress can lead to these scars. There are many ways to prevent stretch marks, but the cold hard truth is that it is impossible to completely get rid of these scars. The sad truth is that many of these lines will stay permanent, but the good news is that they are usually in intimate places that not very many people will notice.

Stretch mark removal

Some readers may have been directed here on the search of ways to fade stretch marks, and we have some good news for them. There are many ways to fade, dilute, and even completely get rid of your stretch marks. However, there is a catch. Since it probably took many months for them to show up, it will take many months to take them away. There are many methods to apply, but few actually work. We have done the hard laborous work for you to only teach the ones that have been proven effectively.

Sugar is a great natural home remedy at getting rid of stretch marks simply because of it’s amazing exfoliating effects. The rough texture can help clean out dead skin cells as well as minimize the appearance of these lines near your thighs, stomach, arms, and legs. Start with a teaspoon of pure cane sugar and mix it with a couple drops of lemon juice and almond oil. Make sure you do this in a small bowl and mix until it becomes a single compound. Eventually, your homemade remedy will be ready to rub all over your areas. After a few minutes of letting it soak in, wash off the scrub with some warm water. Remember to apply some herbal moisturizer after to keep your skin glowing.

Aloe vera has proven effective at treating and curing many skin problems. There are so many great benefits of aloe vera that we just had to put it on here. For those that don’t know, aloe vera has healing and soothing properties which can also be used to help clear tiger stripes. One method involves breaking off a leaf from the aloe vera plant and rubbing it on your thighs, arm, or stretch marks on your stomach. An alternative is simply to use an aloe vera gel or scrub onto your affected area. If you want to make your own homemade aloe vera stretch mark reducer, mix one-fourth cup of aloe vera with 10 Vitamin E capsules and five Vitamin A capsules. This homemade special blend can work just as good as any store-bought moisturizer cream.

Stretch mark cream

Probably the best treatment for stretch mark removal is to apply some moisturizer. Using a herbal moisturizer every day has been proven to improve the skins appearance, and ability to recover, or elasticity. There are many ways to improve the elasticity of your skin, and using a stretch mark cream is the best well known. Drinking lots of water will help keep your skin stretchy and will help the lines fade over time without much help from anything else.

Keeping your skin hydrated, and drinking plenty of water will help reduce the amount of tears in your skin and reduce the total amount of stretch marks. Some people are worried about harmful chemicals or allergic reactions to the compounds in the over-the-counter moisturizers and creams. If this is a concern, make your own with equal mixtures of wheat germ oil, olive oil, and aloe vera. After several minutes of mixing, you will have made the best DIY homemade stretch mark cream. Keep applying these moisturizers to the areas you think may eventually have stretch lines or already do for best results. If you have stretch marks near your neck, also known as a turkey neck, read my article on tips to tighten your neck fast!

Retin-A, or any other retinoic acid cream can improve the marks greatly over a few weeks. Retin-A is considered by some to be proven to boost the collagen production, which will eventually help make stretch lines looks better and avoid harsh tears. This cream works especially well at removing old stretch marks, but shouldn’t be used when pregnant or nursing. Also, try to limit your time in the sun when wearing Retin-A since it would increase the chance of your skin burning. If you are looking at how to fix stretch marks, then you should take a deep look and do your research on this method.

Glycolic acid is another great alternative to a topical cream. Since it increases the collagen production, it will also increase the elasticity of your skin. The special thing about glycolic acid is that it is safe during pregnancy and can be bought over the counter at a relatively cheap price. More concentrated, stronger solutions can be prescribed from a licensed dermatologist. The same concept applies to glycolic acid too, try to stay out of the sun since the skin will burn easier when this is applied.

If you are struggling to get rid of stretch marks on thighs, then try some egg oil. This seems to work great for pregnant women trying to reduce the effects of stretch marks on their stomachs. During the third trimester, gently massage some egg oil over the whole belly twice a day. Continue this method until half a year after delivery. Make sure that you aren’t just crushing up eggs, you need special egg oil, which can be purchased from Amazon. Vitamin E oil can revive old skin to new, especially on women who have been pregnant before. Moderate doses of this oil can work wonders for anyone. To use it, mix it in with some lotion or moisturizer cream and apply directly to your marks or all over the body as desired.


Stretch mark laser treatment

The laser treatment option for stretch marks usually only works well for fresh stretch marks, but will work on old ones too. A lasers set at 585nm wavelengths (which is the color red), pulses dye and power has been shown to reduce the effects of post-partum stretch marks. These scars actually start out as a red-purple tint, and newer scars are brighter. As time begins to pass, the cells are replaced, and the skins begins to turn gray or silver. This method works best on red-purple scars. One thing to take into consideration with this method is the outrageous price. It can cost up to $500 for a session, and it usually takes up to 5 sessions to see major results. Also, this treatment is not very effective for those with dark complexions or dark skin. Since there is such a large contrast between the pigment of the skin and the scar tissue, it is harder to match the colors. There are many laser treatment offices out there.

Another method of laser treatment is fractional lasers, which focus on older stretch marks. This method works great for scars that aren’t discolored, but still indented and visible. The doctor will resurface your skin with a fractional laser. This will essentially smooth out the edges of the marks, which will in turn get rid of the indentions. There are two downsides to this treatment though. The cost is extremely expensive: up to $1000 a run. Some side effects of this are hyper-pigmentation and further scarring.


An abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a tummy tuck, is the only proven, 100%, certified way to guarantee the removal of stretch marks. With this process, a professional surgeon is literally using knife to cut them out. The cost can run anywhere between $20,000 and $40,000 up to $60,000 in certain offices, and these are the prices for inside the United States. There are also more serious side effects and complications that can come up due to surgery. Also, another downside to surgery is the recovery. To read more about the procedure of surgery, read this article.

A tummy tuck generally takes up to half a year to completely recover, but you should be back at work within a month. The older you are, the slower your skin will heal and the longer this whole process will take. Consider getting a “mommy makeover”, which consists up a tummy tuck, a breast lift, and sometimes liposuction. Be careful though, as this will introduce a greater amount of risks and can cost a fortune. Since stretch mark surgery is considers a cosmetic procedure, it is generally not covered by insurance. Notice that this may also be painful as the laser generally produces heat on the skin. The idea is that the lasers will help with collagen growth quicker, but will reduce the overall size of the blood vessels.

These are all remedies which involve the movement and application of something to your skin, which means you should realize that they may cause irritation. If you do not follow the correct ingredient mixtures or don’t follow the labels correctly, you could make the marks even worse. Always follow the instructions carefully and read the entire directions before using any cream. Make sure you fully understand the process of laser surgery, or any surgery for that matter. If you are looking to fade, reduce, or get rid of your stretch marks, you are going to need to be persistent and stick with a method since these lines are not going to go away overnight.

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