Get rid of spiders guide

How to get rid of spiders

Spiders can be a great way to remove other pesky household insects such as fleas and moths, but they can also create dangerous situations. Getting rid of spiders can be easy with the right knowledge and tools. Follow this guide to remove spiders from your kitchen and basement overnight! In short, spiders are just very creepy with their long jagged legs, sharp teeth and hairy butts. Arachnophobia is a very common fear which makes killing spiders a difficult task. Spiders can kill many other pests, and removing them from the habitat may invoke more problems.

Keep in mind that there are only two spiders in North America which can cause harmful effects from their spider bites: the black widow and the brown recluse. Other spider bites can be painful, but won’t have any lasting effects. If you think you have been bitten by a spider, visit a health care professional for further advice. Also, take best efforts to reduce the amount of spiders in your house.

Best way to get rid of spiders in your house

Using a vacuum and a barrel extension to suck up cobwebs and spider in corners can greatly reduce spiders. Take care in sucking up spider eggs and egg sacs. Remove any visible spiders by sucking them up or stepping on them. Not only will this create a better home feeling, but it will also reduce the possibility of future spiders by removing baby spiders. This is a great alternative to killing them because then you can just empty the vacuum outside and let them free. I recommend killing them though, as they will likely find their way back inside the fortress.

Natural home remedies to keep spiders away

Probably the most reliable and effective method to get rid of spiders is to simply prevent them from getting into your house. Be proactive and take a simple steps to reduce spider infestation in your household. The first step you can take is to purchase some caulk to fill up the holes and crack finding their way on the outside of your house. Over years, many concrete basements and siding will start to deteriorate and create tiny gaps. You would be amazed at how small of a hole spiders can crawl through. Take about an hour and inspect every square foot of the outside of your home for holes. Check walls, siding, electrical boxes, wires, pipes, and even window screens.

Another easy method to reduce spiders is to turn outdoor lights off. Since many people use outdoor lights as a deterrent of criminals and larger pests, you may want to consider another technique. However, if one opts for turning off their porch lights, you will reduce the amount of spiders in the area. Since many flying insects are attracted to light, and spiders are attracted to flying insects, this will keep away the spider’s food source.

Removing plants, flowers, and other vegetation will also reduce spiders in the area. Since many hobo spiders and wolf spiders like to take refuge near flowers, removing them may help your problem. You can transplant many flowers away from the perimeter of your house to reduce the allocation of arachnid food sources.

Spiders love dirty houses. Keeping your house or business spotless will reduce spider homes. Here are a few tips to keeping your house clean. Remember to wash and put away dirty dishes immediately after use. Take 10 minutes each day to sweep and vacuum your carpet in high traffic areas. This will reduce dirt and grime and also tiny food particles. Keep your house clutter-free and use airtight plastic tubs to store things when not in use.

Spider spray

Consider purchasing a spider spray or some form of spider insecticide to kill them. Many sprays that kill spiders contain pyrethroid, a common insecticide. Always follow the instruction on the label and read all directions before using. Spray the spider-killing liquid directly onto any cracks around your house and directly onto any spiders. Not only will the chemical immediately kill the live spiders, it will prevent them from walking around the cracks where sprayed. This method can literally remove spiders in a basement overnight and keep the rest of your house in top shape.

Spider control

Take note that most spider foggers do not work very well in many cases. For some reason, total release foggers are not near as effective at killing spiders as they are at killing many other insects. Many foggers are dangerous and should be used with the help of a professional. Another problem with using foggers as spider control is that the spiders will die where they are. Under the couch? On top of the microwave? Right on the counter? Anywhere. Finding a spider in your food pantry can be a bit disgusting and scary, so don’t use this method if you want a bunch of dead spiders laying around your house.

There are also many essential oils that repel spiders. Rosemary, lavender, citrus, mint, and orange zest seem to be highly effective at scaring spiders away. Fill a spray bottle with some water and the ingredients listed above and spray around your home. You’ll also get a nice scent wafting throughout your rooms. Diatomaceous earth is a great potent alternative to killing spiders. Buy some diatomaceous earth from Amazon and sprinkle the powder near trees in your yard, plants in your garden, and in the rooms in your house.

This powder actually contains fossilized microscopic water organisms called diatoms. The dead diatoms will literally cut the spiders creating tiny lacerations on their legs and will bring death to anything that tries to walk over them. Be not fearful, though, as it they are perfectly safe to humans and pets. Diatomaceous earth is also effective in killing fleas and moths.

What kills spiders?

One of the best ways to kill a spider naturally is to freeze it. See, some people just take a spider and throw it outside. Why would you put the spider outside and let it live if it will just come crawling back within a few days? You need to take it more than a mile away from your house if you don’t want it coming back. Others try drowning the spider. This method is not always effective and can give the spider a chance to run away. Many spiders can run on water. The best method, if you can catch them, is to freeze them in a freezer. The spiders will enter hibernation and the cold will eventually kill them. This sometimes takes longer than a week, but the impatient can simply freeze the spider for a day, and take it outside to step on it.

Homemade spider traps

Many spider traps are just a sticky board that collects many insects and bugs. You can even make your own! Simply take a flat piece of cardboard about 3 inches by 3 inches and wrap it with duct tape. Make sure the duct tape is on the cardboard sticky side out. Place this trap near a window, on your counter, or on the floor in the corner of your room. Making a homemade spider trap can be a cost-efficient and great way to remove spiders from your house.

There are also pre-manufactured professional spider traps. These are usually more effective and made with a higher-grade sticky coat. I bought a three pack of these and layed them in the corners of my room. A week later it was filled with gnats, flies, spiders, and other strange tiny insects. Just don’t forget about these as they can collect a large amount of prisoners in a short time. Glue traps won’t trap very many web-building spiders, but there are many hunting and crawling spiders which will fall victim to the trap. You can eliminate almost every wolf spider, house spider, black widow, and jumping spiders by setting out glue traps.



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