Tips to relieve period cramps

How to get rid of period cramps

No girl wants to experience the monthly pain associated with PMS and menstrual cramps. Learn how to completely get rid of period cramps by following the guide below. Not only is the pain not fun, it can also have an effect on your mood and social life. Nobody wants to hang around a crabby or grouchy woman. I recommend reading this article all the way through and trying some of the home remedies to cure period cramps. Remember that this guide is not a replacement to actually visiting a professional doctor and getting solid advice, however, these tips and tricks will lead you in the correct way.

NSAIDs to get rid of period cramps

Consider taking some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are quite effective when it comes to curing the pain caused by period cramps. Ibuprofen is a great example, and can be purchased over the counter. Advil is a great alternative to Ibuprofen, however, many generic brands of ibuprofen are considerably cheaper. Always read the instructions and directions of any medicine you decide to take to combat the menstrual pains. Many physicians warn about not taking any more exceeding 1600mg of ibuprofen in a single 24 hour day. Also, check with your doctor if you are currently taking any other NSAIDs, as they may cause complications or unknowingly cause your blood to thin. Stay on the safe side and always check with your health care professional before starting any new type of medication.

Midol, which is a drug that is specifically manufactured to relieve menstrual cramps, contains acetaminophen and can cause kidney damage in the long run. This drug works great in small dosages for a lot of women, but should not be taken on a daily basis.

Heat pads

Heat treatments have been used for decades to treat a wide variety of pain caused by menstruation. This method is even recommended by the leading doctors as an effective way to reduce discomfort. There are tons of techniques to apply this method, but the most common is simply to take a warm bath. Not only will a warm, soothing bath eliminate all kinds of stress in your daily life, it will also help ease the pain associated with period cramps. Some individuals even use Epsom salts or scented candles to make the experience even more enjoyable. Do not, however, take a bath that contains so much heat energy that it becomes painful to lay in.

Another method of applying heat to your stomach to relieve pain is to warm a bottle of water and place it on the lower abdomen. After about 15 minutes, when the water starts to cool, the cramps should be gone, or at least slightly subsided. If this method doesn’t work the first few times, move on and try another trick. Some people go as far as putting some thick blankets or comforters in the dryer to warm them up.

I personally know that there isn’t much better than snuggling up with a significant other under a warm blanket and watching some Netflix. That brings me to my next point. Cuddling with your significant other can greatly reduce your the pain caused by your stomach. If you don’t have a significant other, unfortunately you will have to pass on this method. Anyhow, snuggling and cuddling with your boyfriend is a great way to get your mind off the pain, and bonus points for watching Netflix.

Vitamins to reduce period discomfort

Scientists have performed tons of research on proving that vitamins are healthy and can help with period symptoms. Make sure to mark your calendar, or leave yourself some notes to be extra careful and not forget to take your vitamins. I always take my vitamins in the morning on a regular basis to avoid forgetting them. There are some particular vitamins that are extremely helpful in these situations. Take up to 500 IU’s of Vitamin E every day, a well as Vitamin B1 and B6. These simple little nutrients can be taken in a pill form with a multivitamin or in gummies for those who can’t swallow.

Magnesium has also been proven to work as an effective muscle relaxer of the uterus and can prevent painful spasms or menstrual cramping. Calcium, such as found in milk, can reduce overall pain, but specializes in getting rid of fatigue and depression. Ginger is another ingredient to incorporate in your period cramp diet. Ginger is extremely versatile and can help reduce inflammation. Try to incorporate these simple ingredients into your daily diet to get rid of period cramps faster.

Exercise and water

To eliminate period cramps forever, you are going to have to make some major lifestyle changes. Exercise has particularly been a great method at increasing the value of one’s lifestyle while also exponentially reducing the pain caused by menstruation. There are scientific studies that show women who exercise regularly experience less pain. I’m not saying you have to run for an hour a day or visit the gym every day, but going for a 5 minute walk can help drastically. Anyways, just a small amount of exercise is way better than no exercise at all. Try doing some pushups or situps while watching commercials to incorporate this method into your lifestyle.

Another lifestyle change is drinking more water. You should be drinking up to 128 fluid ounces of water daily. This may seem like a lot, but it is very easy to trick your brain into drinking such a massive amount of water. The trick is called the availability bias, and you implement it by keeping a full water bottle on you at all times. Your brain will think that you have an unlimited supply of water and thus will cause you to drink more water. Not only will this help with period cramps, but you can alleviate many more future health problems by keeping your body hydrated. Water is necessary to your body and depriving it of such a necessary resource can be detrimental. This isn’t just a quick cure to period pains, this is a complete lifestyle change and has the ability to greatly improve the quality of your life!

Taking a birth control pill

Many 15 year old girls start their periods and experience perhaps the most painful thing they’ve ever endured. I mean, they terrible flu-like stomach pains for what seems to be no reason? Well, a common procedure is to simply take a birth control pill to help regulate the hormones responsible for these symptoms. However, this is usually not recommend or practiced by many teenagers still in high school. Many birth control pills cause the uterine lining to thin out and if your uterine lining is thin enough when “the time” comes around, there’s less of a chance of contractions and as much bleeding.

Basically, taking a birth control pill will help reduce the symptoms associated with menstruation. There are also very special pills which work in 3 month cycles, but talk to your doctor before starting any new medicine. This new pill is a great alternative and can literally get rid of period cramps overnight, but definitely costs what it is worth.

Injectable contraceptive

An injectable form of birth control works just as well as a birth control pill, except generally lasts longer and doesn’t require a monthly cycle. It will reduce the pain from PMS drastically by thinning the lining of the uterus. Many women report reduced bleeding with this method as well. Usually, this injection is given every 3 months at your local doctors office and isn’t too expensive. There is also a new type of medicine available for women called a hormone intrauterine device. Also called an IUD, this is just another form of contraceptive that basically works by releasing chemicals in the bloodstream that do just what the other methods do to reduce the cramps and thin the lining.

Stretch to reduce menstrual pain

Many young teenage girls try to stretch out their menstrual cramps, and sometimes it is very effective. Depending on the height, weight, and genetic makeup of their bodies, however, it may not work. Here is an example of a stretch that greatly reduces stomach cramp pain. Start by lying on the floor with your back up. Sometimes even this is just enough, as a short nap is a great painkiller. However, get into a pushup-like stance, which resembles a phoenix. This will stretch your abdominal muscles and relax your uterus at the same time. This yoga pose is great for relieving all kinds of stress.

Herbal methods to reduce PMS cramps

There are tons of herbal remedies to cure PMS cramps. Eating enough of the right kind of fats has been proven to greatly reduce the symptoms. Remember this next time you start craving chocolate cake or that recipe with coconut oil. Also, remember to avoid inflammatory foods such as grains and dairy products. Yogurt, bread, cheese, and many other foods such as these have a bad effect on your body during the cycle, so try to avoid them.

Instead, try to focus on foods such as soups, meats, and healthy fats as mentioned above, especially for the first few months as a teenager. Yogurt and jello seem to be the optimal snack of choice for many ladies experiencing these horrendous cramps. A quick search can lead you to a massive amount of home remedies to ease the symptoms of PMS.

Sleep cannot be emphasized enough. The hormones causing this monthly subscription to Lucifer’s waterfall will be all out of whack if you do not give you body enough rest. Sometimes even a simple 30 minute nap can produce enough chemicals in your brain to greatly reduce the pain. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep each and every night, and get up to 8 if possible. Instead of staying up that extra half hour glancing through your phone at midnight, consider shutting off the bright lights next your face and hitting the hay. Restoring your body back to its natural hormone regulation cycle will be beneficial to both your mental health and your physical health.

Some women even have luck by simply having an orgasm. An orgasm can and will relax the uterus enough to reduce the total amount of cramping and pains caused by menstruation. Many people ask “will an orgasm cure PMS cramps?”, and the will be surprised when the answer is actually yes! Orgasms and menstrual cramps go together like a band-aid and a scrape, that is they work effectively at curing the pain and reducing the symptoms. I hope that by reading this you understand enough about the female body to give, or get an orgasm. If not, perform some research on the open web and learn how to do it as soon as possible.

Avoid milk and caffeine

Avoid milk when it comes around time for your monthly cycle. Caffeine has also been noted to increase the amount of pain felt with period cramps. Just watch what you are eating and putting into your body when it is around that time. Also stay away from tobacco products such as cigarettes, chew, and other harmful smoke. Not only are they bad for your health, but your uterus will respond by screaming in pain. Alcohol is another liquid that is terribly bad for anyone experience period cramps. Many college girls have found this out the hard way and wake up with treacherous pains in their stomach. Another trick to help get rid of the pain is to massage the area. As simple as this may be, just slowly start to rub your lower abdomen, or have someone else (such as a significant other) gently massage your stomach for you!

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