How to get rid of calluses

How to get rid of Calluses

Many people find themselves with calluses, or callouses, on their hands and feet due to dry skin or too much friction. Many olympic weightlifters have calluses on their hands due to the heavy bar. Those with jobs that require a lot of standing and walking have calluses on their feet. Nevertheless, there will always be ways to get rid of calluses and we are going to share those with you today. If you are searching for what causes a callus, or looking for one of the reasons that calluses form, you are in the right place. Many times, calluses are formed from an excess of pressure and rubbing on a specific location. Removing such unfavorable health concerns can be easy with the right knowledge and correct tools.

What causes a callus, you ask? A callus is simply a toughened part of the skin that has a build up of cells due to friction from an outside source. This is a particular problem for those with poor circulation or diabetes simply because the cracking of the skin can lead to infection easier. Follow the steps below for the best methods to get rid of and prevent calluses all over your body.

Soak in water

Probably the best way to get rid of any calluses on your hands and toes immediately in less than 15 minutes is to simply soak them in some warm water. Soaking your hands, feet, and other body parts in warm or hot water for a minimum of ten minutes will loosen up the skin. Once you have softened your callused feet, it will be easier to get rid of the dead skin that has accumulated on them. If possible, consider adding a cup of apple cider vinegar to make the solution a bit more acidic and powerful. If you have diabetes or poor blood flow in your legs, do not add any type of vinegar.

Pumice stone

The next step in removing a callus on ball of your foot or on your big toes is to rub a pumice stone on it. Pumice stones are made from hardened lava foam and can be used at removing dead skin cells, or calluses, from your body. Since your skin will be all moistened up and soft from the water soak, rubbing off the calluses should be extremely easy with this porous rock. After about 3 minutes of light to medium pressure of rubbing, dip your toes back into the bath to clean them off. I recommend repeating this method at least twice a week to prevent calluses from coming back. If you rub too hard, or for too long, your skin will break open and can bleed, so don’t overuse the pumice stone. These stones are best used for calluses on your feet and heels (such as a big toe).

Moisturizer and Lotions

If you have ever had to deal with a cracked callus, you know they aren’t any fun. In fact, cracked calluses can lead to a significant amount of pain and eventually bleeding. Start using the best callus remover cream you can find daily to keep your skin health and rejuvenated. Many women can find their favorite moisturizer within a few seconds, but the stigma associated with men using lotion can cause them to think twice. For most people, just applying a great callus cream every day can start to eliminate calluses on their body within a few weeks. I recommend applying the lotion or callus removing cream after using the pumice stone for best results. The same lotions used to treat ringworm┬ácan be used to treat corns as wells.

Best home remedies to get rid of calluses


Go ahead and crush up about six tablets of common aspirin. Mix them with about a teaspoon of lemon juice and a couple drops of water. The paste should be thick enough to stick to your skin when applied. Take the paste and apply it directly to your callous, then wrap it up with a towel and tie it off with a handkerchief or string. After about 10 minutes, take it all off, and try scrubbing the entire callus off with a pumice stone. Diabetics and those allergic to aspirin should not try this method.

Chamomile tea

This is a great method at removing calluses from your feet if you walk all day. Start with a warm bowl of water and add int some chamomile tea. This will dilute the water, changing the total pH of your skin which can help dry out the sweat pores. This tea will stain your feet a nasty color, so take a shower with soap and water to remove the strange stain. Chamomile tea can be purchased at almost any superstore and is relatively inexpensive, which makes it a great way to cheaply get rid of calluses fast.


Cornstarch is a powdery substance that looks like ground up chalk. Sprinkle some of this cornstarch between your toes as an effective home remedy to keep your toes dry. This will also keep the skin from breaking down any more or cracking. In fact, just the extra moisture from your sweat can cause a fungal infection and make your foot feel terrible. Cornstarch is a common household baking ingredient and can be bought at a cheap price.


Pineapples are though to be a very interesting fruit that tastes a bit wacky for most people. Little did they know that they can also prove to be a natural way to prevent calluses from coming back. The peel of a pineapple contain an enzyme that can soften your calluses up quickly. Cut up a few tiny pieces of pineapple into squares and place them right over your affected area. Use gauze or a towel to hold the pineapple in place for 5 minutes every night. Significant results should start to appear within a week of trying this method.


Used in almost every home across America, this simple acidic compound can be used to clean up calluses on your arms, elbows, and even knees. Soak a cotton ball thoroughly with vinegar. Place this cotton ball on your callus and use masking tape to make sure it stays. This method works best if you can leave the vinegar in contact with your skin overnight. When you wake up, rub the area with a pumice stone for some amazing results. Other types of tape may work better at holding the vinegar-soaked cotton ball to your callus, so try a few different. Duct tape typically can irritate the skin even more, so it’s not recommended.

Changing shoes

Try changing your shoes a few times to see if a certain pair causes more pain that the other. If possible, try to opt for thick, high quality shoes instead of thin pieces of fabric that just insulate your feet. Changing your footwear is one of the easiest way to get rid of calluses simply because they are the cause of them. If the shoes you wear every day don’t fit properly, they can wear at your skin and cause corns or blisters. Girls and ladies should avoid wearing high heels since they put all the pressure on the ball of your foot, which is a common place for calluses to form. If you have calluses on your hands, consider buying some high quality gloves to protect your palms and fingers.

Feet pads

If none of these solutions seem to get rid of that pesky callus on your feet or toes, consider visiting a podiatrist for some medicated pads. There are other cheaper options at your local superstore such as gels, soft pads, or insoles that prevent calluses from coming back, and they can get real expensive really fast. If you have diabetes, reduced feeling in your feet, or have poor eyesight, I recommend visiting a professional foot doctor. They may even prescribe you some callus removing cream that contains salicyclic acid. However, you can remove almost any callus, corns, or bunions from simply placing a softer insole inside your shoe. They are usually made out of moleskin or gel, and remember that you get what you pay for. Many drug stores carry these optional feet pad, but they need replaced every few months. If you have any better ways to get rid of calluses on your feet, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below since we love to discuss new ideas and may add yours to the list!

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