How to get rid of squirrels in garden

How To Get rid of Squirrels in your yard

Getting rid of squirrels can be quite a task, but with our list of effective techniques one can quickly rid of any squirrel in your neighborhood! Everything from getting a dog to putting up a chain-link fence, we will protect your yard from these pesky squirrels to give you a new peace of mind.

Get a dog to chase off squirrels

This is probably the easiest way to get rid of squirrels in your yard. Simply get a dog and have him chase the squirrels off. Cats work too, but dogs are much more aggressive and territorial. Dogs will chase off almost any other animal that enters your yard as well. I recommend buying some sort of collar system,fence or invisible underground fence. In some light of recent events, young children have also been known to ward off these pests. In fact, many people chase away squirrels on their own just by spreading their scents and walking around the lawn multiple times.

We have a wireless fence, which is basically a box that we plug into our house and if a dog with a collar on go too far away from the house, they get a little shock. This will ensure that the squirrels stay away from your house, but still allow these important animals to stay in your ecosystem.

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Peppers are used as a common remedy to many annoying pests that may be intruding in your yard or garden. To almost all animals, including humans, cayenne pepper dust is very irritable to the airways and makes it hard to breath as well as smelling terribly nasty. Just as we stay away from this stuff (other than adding it to our food), so will the squirrels burying their nuts. Using cayenne pepper or any spicy alternative herbs is one of the best ways to reduce squirrel traffic in your garden and yard. Many gardeners face the problems of these little rodents digging up their crops and ruining their harvest, so it is futile to keep a profit to keep squirrels out.

Go buy some cayenne pepper spice and sprinkle it around your yard mostly around the bases of trees and your house. You’ll notice within a week that the squirrels will move to other trees and stay away from where you put the pepper. Re-sprinkle every few weeks if they keep coming back, and try a permanent method like those mentioned below. This may possible be the best way to get rid of squirrels in your yard compared to other methods.

Netting and fences

If you have a garden and want to keep squirrels and rabbits away from them, consider buying netting, or chicken wire to create a bubble around your fruits and vegetables. There are better ways to keep them out, as setting up these cages and fences can take hours of painful repetitive work. However, if you do go through the work to set these up, they work great and keep any pest from getting into your garden. Once created, these cages are very easy to store and reuse next year, so if you’re in it for the long term, consider this method. One can find many woodworking plans to build a DIY homemade squirrel trap online, but this also requires time and the shop tools. Wooden traps can be built at a pretty inexpensive price if you have these tool readily available to you. If you find it common that you have to keep getting rid of squirrels in the chimney, I recommend putting some chicken wire around the top of the bricks. This will not allow the critters to come in, but will allow adequate airflow and smoke to raise out.

How to trap squirrels

Feeling like spending some money? You could buy a metal trap. Generally these squirrel traps are the same as raccoon and other small rodent traps. You can pick them up for about $40 at any hardware store and reuse them as many times as needed. Just take a trap and bait it with some almond nuts to attract any nearby squirrels. After you trap them and have one caught in a cage, make sure you release it in a public legal place farther away than 10 miles, as they will find their way back if it’s less than 10 miles. Trapping squirrels is the best option when one is trying to learn how to get rid of squirrels in your house. Sometimes sweeping them out with a broom works, but they will be very scared and can bite. Shooing a squirrel out of the basement can be difficult without a long broom and some blanket armor. Some squirrels may have rabies or other transferable diseases, so keep your safety first and don’t get bitten by these pests.

Motion activated sprinklers

Squirrels are generally scared by movement, and we can keep repel them using motion activated sprinklers. Also being afraid water, squirrels will stay far away! This technique works great if you want your yard to be watered as well. Purchase and install the sprinklers to keep them out of your yard. You may have to move the sprinklers every few days otherwise the squirrels will learn where the boundaries are and where they can’t go. Keep them on their feet by moving around the watering hoses. Not only will this discourage the activity of many pets on your lawn, it will also add value to your landscaping appeal and make your grass stand tall and glow bright green.

Remove trees

Where do squirrels go when they aren’t on the ground? They travel and live in the trees. Simply take away their homes and they will find a new place or neighborhood to live in. This may require some research and a few hundred dollars of expenses, but it is well worth it to completely remove squirrels from your yard. Make sure that you won’t damage any buildings when cutting down the trees. Also check with your local police office to understand guidelines and your local laws regarding cutting down trees.


How can I keep squirrels our of my garden? Simple. Plant some mint around your main fruits and vegetables. Squirrels don’t like mint and will keep out of your garden if you plant it. Mint is an awesome plant that produces a wintergreen fragrance and taste that will complement your home garden. This simple spice is very cheap and can be purchased at almost any superstore. During the spring season, purchase some mint seeds and just throw around your yard. The mint will grow around the grass and other weeds and be the most prominent plant in your yard. This plant isn’t very obtrusive, but will keep many small unwanted animals out of your yard.

Squirrel-proof bird feeders

This won’t keep squirrels away, but it will keep them from getting into your bird feeders and eating their food. There are many different variations of squirrel proof bird feeders, but almost all of them work well. Do your research, and look through the amazon reviews before buying to ensure that the product is reliable. Generally these work by eliminating the squirrel’s ability to climb the pole. If you are up to it, you could even try building your own.

Squirrel repellent

Squirrel-repelling sprays generally contain the same compounds that repels many other small animals. Some of these chemicals are quite nasty and should be kept away from children and pets, so keep that in mind when spraying them. They are also quite expensive and you have to respray them every few months, which makes this not a very good option for most homeowners. I recommend trying some other methods to remove squirrels first before coming to these sprays. You can purchase natural squirrel repellents manufactured at large factories at local superstores that repel and discourage squirrel nests. Spray it around the bases of trees and around your house for best results. Also read all the directions and understand the full instructions before using. Many times, the spray will be harmful to children and pets, so make sure to keep them away while you are spraying it and it is drying.

Animal control

If, for some reason, the squirrels are becoming a major problem then call your local animal control. Let’s say they are chewing through your house, or becoming dangerous or rabid and producing a risk to your kids. Call the animal control immediately and they will take care of the problem to the best of their ability. It is not a legal requirement for them to kill the squirrel, but that option is open if needed. Usually they will remove a squirrel or two without a fee, but sometimes they will charge you a small fee. In fact, if you have more than 3 persistent pests on your property, it may be easier and, in the long run, cheaper to hire an exterminator.

I hope these tips and tricks helped you get rid of any unwanted squirrels in your yard, house, basement or attic with relative ease. If you have any better ideas, leave a helpful comment below and we would love to discuss new methods and possibly add it to the list.

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