Remove the smoke smell by following these techniques

How To Get rid of Smoke Smell

Removing that terrible smoke smell can be difficult, but with a few simple tricks, you can get rid of a smoke smell anywhere in almost a weekend! There are many techniques and home remedies, but we will discuss the ones that actually work and are quite effective. Nowadays, many people are pushing away from smoking cigarettes, and the majority of the Western civilization is moving towards electronic cigs. Before we know it, the problem is going to be trying to get rid of ecig smell from things, but that’s a different ballpark since the vapors are highly concentrated. Learning how to kill smoke odor can be as simple as reading this dense, amazing article.

Get rid of smoke smell in car

Everyone has that one friend that takes you out to dinner once a year and when you step into their car, you are blown away from the thick cigaretteĀ smell. If you don’t, then it may be you. The smoke smell inside a car can be disgusting and repulsive to many people and needs to be taken care of to keep a professional vehicle. Not only the smell of smoke unprofessional, it can be detrimental to your health and those around you. Many realize once they stop smoking that the smell becomes profusely recognizable and can disturb them enough it makes them sick. Any of these cigarette odor removal methods can be used for cleaning the inside of your house, for books, and clothes too. Just mix and match these tutorials for a great blend that can help you solve your problem as soon as possible; just remember to stay persistent.

The first thing to understand is that it takes many years for this thick smoke smell to become infused into the fabric of your vehicle and it won’t be easy to remove it. It can be done, however, with hard work and some elbow grease. You may have to try many procedures and exercise a great amount of patience to remove these odors from your car.

Take some scented baking soda and sprinkle the interior of your car or truck with it. Leave your car alone and after a couple days, vacuum up the baking soda. Another technique is to open a can of coffee beans. There’s something special about coffee that resets the olfactory gland, which is why chemist often smell coffee grounds between sampling smelly things. Spraying air fresheners can help too, but won’t work permanently.

Anyways, if these two techniques didn’t work, or at least lower the strength of the smell, consider purchasing an interior detail by a local car dealership. They will use their skills and tools to eliminate the smoke smell from your car to the best of their abilities. These detailing services cost around $200, but can be well worth it to your health and the value of your vehicle.

After you have tried all of these techniques, I recommend placing a few scented air fresheners around the inside of your car. In fact, one study says placing dryer sheets into the air vents can increase the value of your car by up to 22%. We tried this method, and it works amazingly well after an intense detail of the inside carpets.

Get rid of smoke smell in my house

So, you’ve either bought a house and have that one room that nobody goes into because it is spoiled with smoke, or you live with a recovering smoker and want to clear the place up. Sometimes cleaning out a smoke smell isn’t always easy, but it can be done with the proper knowledge and techniques. Stop smoking in your house to make it smell better!

First off, if you can, open all your windows and let the air ventilate out all the previous smoke. Just opening your windows and allowing the old smoke to be released can do wonders to your household odor. This allows the tars and microscopic particles to escape without you having to vacuum. I do not recommend this method for individuals with allergies, unless they decided to go somewhere for the day.

Something that not very many people realize is that the smoke smell can be infused into a carpet and is extremely difficult to get rid of. Buy or rent a shampooing vacuum to get deep into the fibers of your carpets and rugs to completely freshen up your house. It may take a few hundred dollars and a long weekend, but you can completely eliminate the smell from your entire house and including walls.

Remember to clean and wash your shades, curtains, and washable couch pillows monthly. This is great for your home and will eliminate other problems like fleas and dust. While you’re at it, might as well dust for cobwebs in the corners as they can capture the smoke and hold it for years. Also wet a rag with some vinegar or all-purpose cleaner and wipe down every wall to remove all the dusty particles contributing to the smell. Repeat if there are any steaks or discoloration as you may need to repaint your entire house or at least a room to reduce the smoke smell.

Vinegar has been a notable cure and home remedy to getting rid of smoke. Use vinegar to wipe down and clean your tables and floors. Although it may make your house smell even worse for a few days, it has the possibility to erase the terrible odor. Even if it doesn’t completely remove the problem, it can greatly reduce and diminish the source.

Get rid of smoke smell in books

Are you an avid reader who smokes pipe tobacco and wants to make your books smell like new so you can possibly sell your books? Well, there are a few methods you can use to get rid of the smoke smell from your reading material.

First, try to hang the book outside on a rack that will allow the air to briskly flow through all of the pages. Do this for a couple hours each day and eventually the tiny smoke particles will be picked up by the wind and moved elsewhere. Be warned though, do not put your books in the sun as they will fade the text and ruin your reading.

Your second option is a bit more expensive. Put your books in a ziplock back filled with potpourri. The potpourri must be fresh and you have to leave it in the bag for about a week to get rid of the cigaretteĀ smell. Some say that you can reuse the potpourri, but I don’t recommend it.

Another great option is to place dryer sheets in between the pages and leave for about a month. this method is great because not only will it remove the smoke odor, it will also produce a great fresh-smelling scent every time you open the book!

Get rid of smoke smell in my clothes

Nobody likes to be near that person who smells like smoke all the time. If you want to get rid of a smoky smell in your clothes or simply want to give some advice, we have a few tips for you.

First, make sure that you are regularly washing the clothes. This should be at least once a week, and twice if you are wearing them more than once. During the first wash, add about a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. This will create a chemical reaction that will help hide the scent, and as we mentioned earlier, vinegar is great at removing many bad odors.

Use perfume and cologne to mask the scent. Although this is not an ideal solution and only lasts for about 12 hours, it provides a perfect mask to hide your stinky clothes until you can try a permanent solution. Ensure that you choose a spray that neutralizes the odors. Febreeze is a personal favorite and can be bought for under $5 at any local supermarket. Just spray a couple spritz onto your jeans and shirts before you go out to smell fresh all day long.

Ozone generator

The last thing I’m going to suggest is an ozone generator. This is a device that looks a lot like a humidifier, but can eliminate about any odor. I remember having one of these in my high school football locker room. I’m not sure of the entire procedure, but I know enough that if you leave it anywhere long enough, it can get rid of just about any putrid odor. Start by purchasing one online, reading the directions carefully, and placing in the room with your carcinogen-coated walls or hang-dried books or clothes. These handy little devices can help bring back your fresh smelling home within a couple hours without the fuss and hard work of the other methods.

Although they are pretty expensive, they are worth it to raise the value of your house or car. Do not leave this machine on all the time or excessively while you are home because ozone can actually be dangerous to your health. Read all instructions when installing an ionizer, as many of these high-tech machines suggest you not to leave them running for longer than an 8 hour period. Do your research before buying and know all the risks taken. Remember that the first step to stop smoking is to realize you should, and the second step is removing the cigarettes and their tempting smoke smell from your environment. I hope these techniques work well for you, and if you have any better way to get remove smoke smell from anything, don’t hesitate to leave an insightful comment below!

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