How to get rid of cockroaches naturally

How To Get Rid of Roaches

Cockroaches can be extremely disgusting and unwanted in a majority of cases. As they are very versatile and quick, it can be hard to step on one. We are going to give you a list of tips to help reduce the total amount of roaches in you house. We can’t guarantee the removal of all roaches, since there are over 4,500 species of roaches throughout the world. We can however, prove that these methods have worked through research and many trials of removing cockroaches.

Natural ways to get rid of roaches

The first home remedy to kill cockroaches in your house is to deny them the simple pleasure of drinking water. Roaches can’t live longer than a week without a water source, so take that away from them and solve the problem. Find all the leaks in your house and fix them immediately on your own or with the help of a plumber.

Keep your house clean all the time. This may seem like an extremely novel idea, but cleaning up after a meal and picking up trash often can vastly reduce the number of all pests in your house. Cockroaches love grease and will stick around your counter tops and grills, so pay close attention to these. Sweep and mop the floor twice a week. The kitchen isn’t the only place to clean either, vacuum all of the rooms and pat out the rugs.

Also, food should be stored in airtight containers. This will reduce the food source supply from the environment. You can use food to your advantage however. For example, coffee grounds have been used as a poison to roaches for many years. This does work and will keep a few bugs away, but will make your bathroom and kitchen smell like a cafe. I would only recommend this method for coffee lovers. Since coffee is cheap and relatively easy to obtain, this technique works wonderfully. Store cereal in airtight boxes to prevent roach contamination.

Taking the trash out and using a trash can with a lid will get rid of bad smells attracting roaches. For some reason, roaches love stinky things and will follow it to find food. Bag the trash and take it outside putting it inside a designated trash barrel. I recommend keeping these trash containers farther than 10 feet from your house perimeter.

Roach killer

Cockroach traps can be bought at any major superstore. Consider purchasing a few to place around your house. The basic idea is that they contain a poison that can kill roaches. Generally, it won’t kill the cockroach immediately. The cockroach will brink the poison back to its nest and share with its family to take out the entire nest. Many roach killers are childhood and pet safe too, which is great. Be persistent, as this method can take up to several weeks to start seeing results. Since the poison won’t kill the roach eggs, you may have to poison a few generations before all of the roaches are gone.

Did you know you can even make your own homemade roach bait? You may have to produce a few batches to effectively kill the entire colony, but it definitely works. First, mix equal parts boric acid, white flour, and powdered sugar. Keep this mix away from children and pets as it will taste sweet to them. Although the boric acid is not harmful in small amount, larger amounts can cause harm. Then, sprinkle the powder in your cupboards and near the back of your kitchen drawers. Under the stone and behind the refrigerator are also great places to find and kill cockroaches with a natural home remedy such as this. An alternative to making this bait is to only buy boric acid and sprinkle it around on the carpets and laminate around the house.

Another great roach-killing powder is diatomaceous earth. This is an organic desiccant that is filled with microorganisms that will cut and scrape at the feet of insect which walk over it. Leading to the eventual bleeding to death, the cockroach will die a few minutes after walking wherever this powder is. This is a concern, particularly for those who do not want a bunch of dead roach bodies all over their house.

There are many cockroach insecticides, but there is also an easy way to kill adult roaches by only using soap and water. Make a solution of soap and water and pour into a spray bottle. Then spray directly on any cockroaches in your house (specifically their heads) and watch them die overnight. The soapy liquid will form a layer of film over the breathing pores in the roach’s body and suffocate them. There is a possibility that the roach can wake up after the soap has dried, so either squish them immediately or throw the cockroach away.

Professional roach sprays contain Cyfluthrin and can actively kill roaches and prevent them from coming in your house. As many insecticides can be harmful to children and small pets, use discretion when spraying this potent liquid. Spray on the sides of your house and along cracks and holes in every wall. Not only will it kill roaches fast, it will discourage future roach contamination and quickly reduce any roach infestation.

There are many professional grade pesticides that are extremely potent and toxic, and I recommend hiring a professional exterminator to distribute this pesticide. Exterminators have the knowledge and powerful tools required to eliminate any possibility of future cockroach infestations. Although this may be the most expensive route, take great consideration into completely getting rid of roaches around your house overnight.

If you’ve read my article on how to get rid of spiders, then you have learned that store-bought sticky traps are great at killing any small insect that is crawling around on your floor. Placing a few small crumbs on the trap can entice insects such as fleas, moths, spiders, roaches, and even sometimes a mouse! Keep in mind that this will only kill individual roaches and won’t affect the nest directly. Remember to check your trap every week to ensure that it doesn’t start overflowing with dead bugs.

Preventing roach nests

The first step you can do to prevent roach colonies is to simply clean up the area around your house. Pick up logs and sticks and place them far away from the perimeter of your house. Cockroaches love to live in piles of dead or rotting wood, especially as the weather gets colder. Remove hay bales, yard waste and leaves from your yard to eliminate prime environments for a roach to live.

Another method to keep roaches from your house is to fill up holes and cracks around your house with some caulk or mortar. Even the smallest cracks can be entrances to your home fortress, so seal them as soon as possible. This rule also goes for your kitchen. If you store food in cabinets, make sure the lids and doors close completely. Inspect every pipe and wires for holes near the wall. Here’s a little trick to find a roach nest. First, wait until it is dark. Then, after finding a cockroach, follow it around until you find more. This can lead you to the discovery of a cockroach colony which can be exponentially helpful in killing them all.

If you use any of the methods above and actually catch a cockroach, don’t throw them in the trash as this will keep them alive. Instead, throw them into the toilet and flush. Keeping a plug on your drains and shower tubs is also a good idea. Little did you know that roaches can actually live inside of toasters and live off the crumbs of your Poptart. Every once in a while, turn your toaster upside down and clean it thoroughly. Vacuuming your carpet regularly with the appropriate extending attachments can get rid of roach eggs deep in your carpet. Although this is highly unlikely, it is definitely a must.

Do roaches like moth balls? Well, if you’re talking about naphthalene balls, then no. You can keep roaches away with moth balls. This may be undesirable to many people since the smell of moth balls is quite overwhelming and very strong. For storage areas and attics, however, consider throwing a few moth balls to keep bugs away.

Best roach fogger

There are many roach foggers on the market, and you just have to perform some research to find the best one. Finding the best roach bomb can be easy by simply searching Amazon and reading a few reviews on each product. The only problem when using a roach fogger is that your furniture will be covered with pyrethroids. Basically, your house will have a bunch of man-made insecticides in it and smell terrible. Some people even say that this is a carcinogen which can lead to cancer. I would only use this method if there is a huge cockroach infestation in a house that has very little traffic. Simply put, use this as a last resort before hiring an exterminator.

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