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How To Get Rid of Razor Burn Bumps

There is not much worse than those annoying razor burns that occur and eventually turn into irritating shaving pumps. If you want to learn how to get rid of razor bumps near the bikini areas and on your face, you are in the right place. Preventing pimples after shaving is as simple as following a few simple steps mentioned below. You will learn very quickly that shaving in the wrong direction, or with the wrong type of razor can create many aesthetic problems. To relieve a burning sensation immediately after shaving and avoid the area becoming swollen, remember to wash your face.

What causes razor burn?

Many people found out the hard way that there is a wrong direction to shave. You will notice that those with curly hair often find themselves trying to cure a rash. Unfortunately, individuals with curly hair, as opposed to those with straight hair, are more susceptible to these annoying razor rashes and bumps. When you shave, the blades cut the hair at an angle, penetrating the skin sometimes. Your body’s natural reaction is to treat this like an allergic reaction and swell up after a fresh shave. If you pay attention, some people even get pimples or acne after trimming their hair. To prevent getting acne after shaving, always use fresh shaving clean and clear warm water. After cutting off the long hairs, the hair follicles still remain and can ruin the look of a freshly shaven face. If infected, these painful red bumps can start Barber’s Rash.

Don’t shave as often

At the least, wait 48 hours before shaving again. I recommend only shaving a few times a week. You skin needs rest to repair the broken and lost cells from the last clean. If possible, consider purchasing and switching to an electric razor or trimmer with blades for facial hair. For your head, legs, or pubic area, the hair should not grow back as fast and this will make it easier for you to give it time to rest. You can clear up your skin from red bumps and scratchy irritations really quick simply by just allowing it some time to heal and grow.

Throw away dull razors

Preventing razor burn on your face can be as simple as throwing away dull razors. Many of the blades get old quick and we often find ourselves using them when we really should throw them in the trash. Not only can they cause terrible irritation, these dull blades can also be dangerous. Depending on the quality of the shaver or blade, you can reuse it from three times to 30. Consider frequently changing and switching your products every week to find the best one. Another problem that arises with using a razor for an extended period of time is bacteria.

Here a tip that not very many people think about: clean your razor. Remember to rinse your razor and blades with some rubbing alcohol or some other cleaning agent before and after each use to prevent infection. Few people realize that bacteria can grow and lives on the blades, which can leave to infections and acne in the long run. If you are trying to get rid of acne or pimples after shaving, consider cleaning your blades each time. Just dip them into a bottle of rubbing alcohol or some vodka. Keep the blades sterile and your face clean by simply wiping them off.

Tips before shaving

If possible, always apply a high quality shaving cream before you start the process. Ideally, you will rub this cream into your face or legs for at least a minute before you start the entire process.  Another great tip is to soften the hair with some warm water. I’m not saying you have to take a full shower before you start, but rinse your face off and make sure it’s clean before you shave. Since razors cut the hair at an angle and sometimes rip the hair, it will help if you soften the hair with some moderately warm water to ensure that your facial hair or neck hair is relaxed. If you don’t want to completely shower before, just wet a wash cloth and rub your face with it. Steam also helps in preparing your skin to be readily shaved. In time, you’ll quickly realize that this simple step can solve many problems.

The previous image is from http://www.blogtrepreneur.com/media-razor/, visit their website for some more pictures of fresh clean shaves!

Proper shaving technique

One of the best places to shave is in the bathroom, but specifically the shower. Even more so a warm, steamy shower. Those who have to shave the bikini area and don’t want any razor bumps find this place to be a great environment. If you can, figure out the direction of the grain, or growth, of your hair. Simply shaving with the grain will eliminate almost 90% of the problem. When you shave against your hair, the razor blade beings to tug and pull at the skin which irritates it. The best shaving technique for the bikini area is to shave downwards, towards your toes. This is generally the case with most women since their follicles point down. If you are looking for a smooth, close shave, there are tons of infographics for the proper areas and directions. Be careful to not overshave, since this will create an even worse rash.

Exfoliate the skin

After trimming all of the hair off your face, you should exfoliate with some herbal natural face wash. Most superstores carry a wide variety of facial wash pretty inexpensively. If possible, search for one with a higher percentage of tea tree oil and witch hazel. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and can protect your skin from natural deterioration. Witch Hazel has been proven at producing soothing effects on the skin. After exfoliating and moisturizing your skin, remember to rinse it clean with some cold water and pat dry with a towel. After you are finished with your shower, turn the temperature to cold to allow the colder water to close the pores. To prevent ingrown hairs after shaving, apply a thick cream of aloe vera directly to your shaved area after showering. Leave this cream to dry for about 5 minutes, and rinse off the same you would with the moisturizer creams above.

Home remedies for razor bumps or rash

There are tons of home remedies to cure razor bumps, but we will cut them down to the best that actually work. First, of course, aloe vera is a natural remedy that has been used for years to reduce irritation. Simply break off a leaf and squeeze the gel onto your rash and rub it in for a few minutes. If you prefer to purchase an aloe vera gel, make sure to pick a brand and read the ingredients to ensure they don’t contain any artificial compounds.

An alternative to aloe vera is a hot compress, which works great on bumps on the face. Create a hot compress by soaking some cotton balls in hot water and placing them onto the bumps or burn. The warm water and small amount of steam will greatly help in opening the pores and allowing the trapped hair and bacteria to leave. Some prefer cold compresses, and these work just as well for a small group of specific patients.

If you believe you may have an infection in some of the follicles of your hair, then you may need a professional dosage of some hydro-cortisone cream. Since these chemicals can produce an anti-inflammatory effect which will reduce the swelling and burning associated with shaving. Some individuals may require a doctors approval before, but this cream can be purchased over the counter at most superstores.

Waxing and Laser hair removal

A great alternative to removing hair by shaving is simply to wax or use a laser. Some people throw the option of waxing out of the window simply because of the pain when ripping off the cold wax. Many people still get a few ingrown hairs after a waxing session, but this will greatly reduce the amount of overall pain. A schedule is needed for this method to be successful, and you will have to wax every 6 weeks. Always do your research before visiting a waxing solution, and watch a lot of informative Youtube videos if you plan on waxing yourself. If the skin becomes infected after a few days, apply an antibiotic cream and visit the salon office as soon as possible.

Laser hair removal won’t actually stop your hair from growing, but it will reduce the speed of growth significantly. This method works best for dark hair and light skin, so those with a darker complexion, or black individuals may not look into this. Also, this technique can require quite a bit of money to start and will need a minimum of six treatments for great results. With all of these tips and tricks in mind, remember that preventing and getting rid of shaving bumps and burns comes down to keeping your blades clean, washing your face often, and shaving in the correct direction. If you follow these three steps, the chances for infection decreases exponentially.


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