How to kill pantry moths

How To Get rid of Moths

If you are looking for how to get rid of moths inside your house, then you’ve came to the best place! We have many proven techniques that can keep away any type of moth and we are willing to share them with you! Just remember to keep in mind that your problem may need more serious help, and if it gets out of hand to call a professional exterminator. If you’re wondering if moths will eat cotton T-shirts, you are completely right and deserve to start protecting your clothes as soon as possible.

How to get rid of pantry moths

The first step to getting rid of moths in your kitchen or pantry is to look for them. Take a look around and try to get rid of any visible moths by catching them and killing them. Pantry moths generally fly around at night, so you may have better luck searching near the end of the day. Then start going through your pantry. One by one, remove everything from your pantry carefully inspecting it to ensure that you are not leaving any moth larvae behind. Check the inside of a cabinet for webbing, and remove it if you find any.

If your food has been opened and you find there may be traces of moths or moth larvae in it, throw it away! Do not eat this infested food or you may find a not-so-nice surprise. At the very end, vacuum to sweep up all the dirt and cobwebs and dead larvae carcasses in the pantry. It wouldn’t hurt to clean the inside out with with a a soapy wash cloth and some paper towels as well.

Put the food back neatly and organized. The last step is to check the pantry for holes that moths might be able to get into. They will squeeze through the tiniest holes, so be sure to use glue or some other space-filling technique to lock up your cabinet. Just like mice, these tiny bugs can crawl into any space they can fit their heads into. Use caulk or wall glue and drywall filler to fill any holes on the outside and inside of your home for best results. Many times, this process will consume no more than $30, and an hour of your time, but will save you many hours of picking up or fighting flying bugs in your house.

After cleaning out your pantry, make sure to go through and clean all of the cabinets and cookware tools. Simply take a few hours to clean up your house and you will get rid of moths overnight by just keeping your kitchen clean. Moths contain the ability to spread disease and like to crawl around things you cook with, so it’s best to stay safe and clean everything. Also, while cleaning you may uncover a secret hiding place of more moths.

Kill clothes moths

Some people don’t realize what a harm clothes moths can do to your personal clothing rack. They will literally bite and chew holes in your shirts and pants and leave this nasty webbing if you don’t do regular check and cleanups. Be proactive and check weekly for holes in your clothes to ensure that you can catch clothes moths in the act and eliminate the problem as soon as it starts.

One of the most effective and reliable methods to get rid of moths in your clothes is to wash them. Put them through the washing machine once, then through the dryer. This will kill all the moths in your clothes, and the dryer will remove most of the. However, you may still find some dead moths when putting on a shirt. If this problems exists, I recommend throwing all your moth infested clothing into a dryer first, then running them through the normal washer-dryer cycle. The secret in placing them in the dryer first will allow the heat to kill them before all their guts go into the washing process.

While you are washing and drying clothes, be sure to clean out your closet with a vacuum. Killing all the remaining moths and sweeping them up is futile to getting rid of moths in a closet. The larvae are a light tan, and can grow just about anywhere, so make sure to inspect everything in your closet for traces of these annoying pests.


I remember the first time I ever smelled a moth ball. It was moving into a new house. I was looking around at all the empty rooms, wondering if this would be a good place to live and then I opened the closet door. The smell of the moth balls overwhelmed me so much that I had to close it. The idea works the same with moths, they will smell the strong odor of the chemicals produced by the mothballs and leave the area immediately.

Mothballs are a great tool to repelling and keeping moths away. You can purchase these things at almost any superstore and they are relatively cheap for most consumers. One needs to remember that the chemicals put into mothballs is quite toxic and can be very poisonous to humans and pets. They will also leave a terrible strong odor on all of your clothes, so these are generally used for storage. Many people put moth balls in their attics and basements to keep out other unwanted pests as well.

One alternative to mothballs is a sachet of nicely smelling spices. A collection of rosemary, cloves, lavender, and a few others will produce a scent that keeps away moths, but will actually freshen up your closet. One of the best ways to remove moths from your house is to simply lower the humidity. Consider purchasing and installing a dehumidifier, which will lower the amount of moisture in the air and consequently discourage moth living. Many people have completely eradicated the entirety of wool moths in their house by following this amazing method.

What do moths eat?

For those of you who don’t know, moths are pretty much like goats. They will eat just about any type of clothing you have. One should use the provided knowledge of the list below to ensure that all garments are put up and safe. Moths will eat through:

  • Wool
  • Fur
  • Feathers
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Rayon
  • Synthetics
  • Acrylic
  • Polyester

Make sure to keep this stuff packed up and away if you are dealing with a moth infestation. They generally eat holes in stuff such as carpet, blankets, and clothing, but what they are looking for is the dirt, lint, and other small food they can find on the fabric. Keeping your house clean is a very important step in reducing the amount of moths living in your house. I recommend storing important garments in plastic tub containers instead of cardboard boxes. Plastic is tougher and the moths won’t be able to eat through it like they can cardboard. Also, cardboard will deteriorate over time and ruin with water.

Moth spray

There are many pantry moth sprays out available out there, especially on Amazon. Just make sure to do extensive research and read a few reviews before making a purchase otherwise you risk the chance of getting scammed. Moth sprays generally contain a slight insecticide, so be wary of buying these if you have children or pets. Another great thing about moth spray is that they also work for flies and wasps as well. Keep in mind that moth sprays will not keep away moths, but will instead only kill them when they come in contact.

Moth repellent

If you are looking for a fast way to moth-proof your kitchen or closet, you’ve came to the right place. The best moth repellent out there is simply a clean and organized house. It may take a few hours of your time, but it will be essentially free and actually work! Do your laundry regularly and check for moths on the weekends when you’re not busy. Store stuff that you’re not using in airtight tubs. I recommend placing mothballs in your attic and in your closet, if needed. Follow the tips on this page and you’ll get rid of any type of moth in no time. If you have any better methods you’d like to leave us, don’t hesitate to write a helpful comment below. We would love to discuss any new ideas and maybe even add them to the list.

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