Use acohol to get rid of ice on your windshield

How To Get Rid of Ice on your Car

It’s may be getting colder outside and one of the biggest problems is that ice will start forming on your car windows in the morning. When you wake up to get ready for work, you take a glance outside and notice that your windshield has ice all over it. Now, some of you, in an attempt to remove the ice from your windshield will go out and start your car’s heater to defrost and melt the ice. There are way more efficient ways to fix this problem other than wasting gas and hurting the ozone layer. Here are some simple methods to clear off the ice from your windows:

Alcohol and water

Ahh, the most memorable of methods that actually works! Mix some alcohol and water to create your very own deicer. First, buy a bottle with a sprayer on it. Next, fill half of this bottle up with rubbing alcohol. I wouldn’t use drinking alcohol as that would be a waste and might leave streaks on your car. Fill the rest of the bottle up with water. Shake the bottle until the solution is well mixed. Finally, go out to the┬ácar or truck and spray this mixture on your windshield to almost immediately remove ice from it.

There are many homemade deicers mixes out there, but most contain simply of rubbing alcohol or vinegar. Watch a few videos of this effect happening on Youtube to be inspired to make your own! In fact, a homemade deicer from vinegar is probably one of the most well used and effective method when it comes to get rid of ice.  Most solutions require the use of regular white vinegar, but they can be made from apple cider vinegar as well. If you do opt for this method, make sure you check the prices of vinegar before mixing your own deicer since it can get expensive fast.

Use water

This is generally the method that everyone thinks of first. “Hey, lets get some water and use the thermal heat from it to melt the water on our windshield”. This does work to an extent, but it is usually not worth it. You see, glass is very fragile and dramatic changes in temperatures can crack it and sometimes will even shatter it. NEVER use warm water when trying to defrost your windshield as this will break the glass. Quick thermal changes in many substances such as glass will shock the crystalline structure and shatter the glass.

If you do use this technique, I would recommend soaking a cloth with some water and using the cloth to scrape off the melted ice. Some people take showers in the morning and simply fill up a little bucket of this water. They then throw the water onto their windshield… which works, but can be very dangerous and quite expensive. If it is too cold outside, the water may actually freeze in the air and hit your windshield as ice.

Use a professional deicer

Consider purchasing a professional commercial deicer. This is almost the same stuff that squirts out of those holes on your hood that is suppose to thaw the ice, but usually doesn’t do a very good job. You can buy deicer in many major superstores and auto departments, but you can also make your own. Pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and add a teaspoon of dish soap. Shake this mixture for about 5 minutes and spray directly onto your your windshield. I personally recommend creating your own homemade deicer for the car you are trying to clean off.

Use a credit card

This is for those that are too lazy to go get some water, but want to work hard enough to actually get the ice off. Just take any old credit card (I wouldn’t use a new one) and scratch the ice off with the edges. Ruining a credit card is a very high possibility at this point! Just weigh the risks of breaking an old credit card to removing ice from your windshield on a cold, frosty winter morning. Instead of complaining of the situation, try to look for the good and use this as an opportunity to exercise your creativity to come up with new ways to break apart this ice. Many people don’t like the idea of using a credit card, but it is still a great method to scraping off ice from your windows.

If you can get this technique down to a science, you can actually do a pretty good job of removing the ice. Some people like to turn their defrost on as well as their windshield wipers to assist in the ice removal process. Letting your windshield wipers swish back and forth will also cut down on total scraping time since the added friction and dusting can remove much of the ice. Using a combination of these methods usually works well when it comes to thawing out your car.

Buy a scraper

Let’s say you went the original route and thought ahead enough to buy a plastic scraper meant to clean off your windows. These little packs of plastic and hardened steel are engineered to scrape the hard ice easily off your windshield. I would buy a scraper anyways, especially if you use a deicer, because it will help exponentially in removing those large and hard to reach spots of ice. The best ice scrapers can be bought for under $20, which makes them a great way to solve this problem. Many ice scrapers are made of durable plastic with some metal infused in them. Avoid metal ice scrapers as they can scratch your windshield. Many manufactured scrapers have multiple edges which can be chosen for the best efficient use of your time when solving this problem.

Cover your car with a tarp

The simplest method in preventing your vehicle from frosting over, just cover it with a tarp. Tarps can be bought for about $20 and will last all winter. This preventative method does require some extra work: about 60 seconds each time you park or get ready to leave. That’s a pretty efficient compared to how much time it would take for your car to heat up and defrost through thermal expansion. Although many tarps cost over $20, this method can be cost-efficient in the long run. Also, some people say cracking your windows will reduce the amount of frost that accumulates and freezes on your windows. I recommend rolling down your back windows about an inch. Others are worried that thieves may break into their car with a coat hanger and steal stuff from their cars, which makes this a controversial method.

I hope you have learned a few techniques to help you get rid of the ice from your car’s windshield by reading these tips. There are many other great techniques on this site at removing the negativity from your life and fixing small problems using creative and awesome procedures. If you have any better methods of removing ice from your car or truck windshields, leave a comment below and we might add it! The video below has been added to help improve the quality of this article and has been created with improving the retention of methods you remember longer.

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