How to get rid of a gas smell

How To Get rid of Gasoline smell

A stingy gas smell in your car or home can be an immediate turn off to guests. There are a few simple step needed learn how to remove a gasoline smell quickly and we will discuss them all below! Gasoline fumes can be detrimental to your health and can cause harm to your respiratory system, degrading the value of your lungs. Home remedies to cure gas smell are easy to come by, but only a few actually work and have been proven to work.

Get Rid of Gas Smell on Body

To get rid of the gasoline smell on your body, the first step is to take a shower. Shower with hot water and scrub your body vigorously with soap and shampoo. I recommend using a scented soap to help mask the smell of the gas. There are many great smelling soaps and moisturizer with scents such as honey, lavender, vanilla and lemon, which can help hide the smell of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Apply a form of cologne or perfume after drying and putting on clothes to mask the smell even more. If you have the smell of oil and gas on your hands, a quick tip to get rid of gasoline on your hands is to pour some vanilla on them. Wash them thoroughly with the vanilla and then with soap and you hands will be neutralized. Other strong herbal scents can help cover up the strong putrid smell that permeates almost every environment you walk into. For example, some people wash their hands with a dash of ground cinnamon. This has two advantages. First, the cinnamon will generate a great, lovely smell on your hands after washing. Second, the grains of cinnamon will act as a grit remover and will improve the efficiency of your scrubbing.

Remove Gas Smell Inside of Car

If you find yourself in the predicament of removing a gasoline smell from your car, there are a few steps you can take to eliminate the problem. Many people fill up gas cans with gasoline and set them in the backseat while driving home. Unfortunately, a sharp turn or sudden stop can cause gas to spill on the seats and upholstery. Febreeze is a great start. Spray some Febreeze, or your favorite odor eliminating spray, inside the car and on the fabric the gas was spilled. Reapply this spray every few days until the smell starts to lessen. Some people seem to have a lot of trouble in learning how to get rid of spilled gas in a car or truck, but with these simple steps, that goal can be accomplished quite easily. Many of the following tutorials will also help remove oil smells in your car also. Since many times oil smells are associated with gasoline, these tips will freshen up your car in more ways than one!

Probably the best and most used method to eliminating a bad smell inside your car is to get a can of air freshener and drive on the highway with your windows down. The air will come rushing in your vehicle and literally evaporate the gas smell out. Just get in your car and drive on a major highway for about 10 minutes with the windows down and you can can remove almost any bad odors. The wind will suck out all the smell and can eliminate any gas smell or other bad odor inside your vehicle.

Another method involves mixing baking soda and vinegar to form a paste. Rub this paste onto a rag and gently wipe your seats to neutralize the odors produced from the gas. Use a shop-vac to vacuum up the gas smell that was absorbed into the gasoline neutralizing baking soda. You’ll have a freshly smelling car in no time!

After you have tried both the Febreeze and baking soda method, vacuum out your car. If cleaning a car is quite a traumatic experience for you, consider purchasing a detailing service. Many car dealerships will completely and properly clean a car or truck for under $200. With the experience of many years and the proper tools, they can remove the stinkiest of smells from your car, including gasoline. Also, leave your car windows down to allow the inside to ventilate. Letting the inside air out will allow the gas to evaporate. Some people are just too busy to go the manual labor route and are better off hiring a detailer to cure the gas stench.

A trick that many truckers use is coffee ground. For some reason, ground coffee beans have the potential to neutralize almost any odor. This is why many chemists use coffee to reset their olfactory glands when taking smell samples. Pour some coffee beans on the spilled gas and leave there for about a week. Then vacuum and sweep up the mess and the smell should be gone without producing any stain! This is a great technique because coffee ground can be inexpensive and they won’t leave any noticeable stains as baking soda and vinegar will.

Gasoline smell in carpet

To get rid of a gas smell from your carpet, you must be very careful in the act of removing the odor. Just like the car, take a bowl and mix some vinegar and baking soda to form a paste. Take the paste and a hot rag and apply the paste into the carpet, rubbing it gently to ensure that the solution dissolves deep into the carpet. After some hard work, get out the vacuum and vacuum up the mess. It may take some time, sometimes up to 30 minutes, but it will greatly reduce the terrible gas smell overnight. Remember to spray the floor with an odor eliminator such as a Febreeze product, as this will improve the quality of your carpet ten times over.

Carpets are notorious for capturing bad odors and keeping the smell for years. A great alternative to carpets is hardwood or laminate, which would make it much easier to clean up a gas spill. To remove gasoline smell from your floor, just use a rag or mop to clean up the mess. Imagine never having to vacuum up a mess again! Joking aside, carpets can be luxurious, but they require a lot of upkeep and sometimes aren’t worth the work. Although this is a huge renovation project to solve a simple problem, it definitely works.

Ionizer for gas smells

Depending on the size of your vehicle, and square foot volume of your house, consider purchasing or renting an ionizer. Ionizers can literally get rid of almost any smell by producing a compound called ozone. They can even remove the smell of smoke from your house. Be careful, as ozone can be dangerous to any human’s health and should not be breathed in large amounts. If used with an air freshener, one can literally eliminate the gas odor in a few short hours.

Ionizers range from $100 to a couple thousand dollars depending on the quality and volume of air they can output. Removing almost any smell and neutralizing the air, they are worth some consideration. They range in many sizes depending on the purpose and room they are cleaning. Check out for some used ionizers at a cheaper price instead of buying new.

I hope that these techniques helped you remove your gas smell in any situation you may have. If you have any better tips on how to get rid of any strong gasoline or oil scents, feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to discuss any new techniques and possibly add them to the article.

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