How to kill and get rid of dandelions

How To Get rid of Dandelions in any yard

Dandelions have a positive impact to many cultures and contain many positive benefits, but many people just want to get rid of dandelions in their yard. In this article, we are going to discuss a few proven and effective ways to kill dandelions anywhere. From picking the weeds to spraying vinegar to spreading corn gluten meal, there are many ways to make your yard sparkle! Any thing from the best dandelion pesticide to mowing tips to remove weeds from your yard, we will teach you the best way to kill these yellow plants from growing on your lawn.

The benefits of dandelions

Many people see dandelions as a problem growing in their yard that looks bad to by-passers. However, there are many unknown benefits to growing and using dandelions. Dandelions have a very high ranking of vitamin A, potassium, iron, and zinc. They also contain many of the needed vitamins needed to healthy living. Simply put, there are many things you can use dandelions for other than just growing in your yard. Almost the entire plant of a dandelion can be used for positive effects. The roots can be used in frying food, and can actually be a natural substitute of coffee. Some cultures even use the flowers of dandelions to manufacture wine. Dandelions have been proven to aid in digestion and improve the function of many internal organs. Although many people think dandelions taste bad, there are many tutorials out there that show getting rid of dandelions may not be the best option.

How to get rid of dandelions

If there is a dandelion infestation placing itself in your yard or personal property, there are many steps and techniques to try to remove dandelions. Many of these methods are natural home remedies to kill dandelions in your lawn. Removing the yellow flowers and killing the white flowers without spreading their seeds can be quite a task without the correct information and knowledge of how to do it properly. We are going to give you all the tips and techniques you will need to removing dandelions from your lawn safely and quickly.

Corn gluten meal is a personal favorite of many exterminators because it doesn’t kill dandelions, but it prevents them from growing. Considered an effective pre-emergent herbicide, corn gluten meal can keep seeds from planting root and demonizing your lawn. It’s 100% natural and has no dangerous side-effects which makes it a great method for families with kids and pets. Simple sprinkle some Corn gluten meal over your lawn about a month before the season starts. For most people, this time is during late March. This natural remedy for dandelions only lasts for about a month, so remember to reapply every month. Also remember that this compound will not kill growing weeds, but will only prevent future dandelions from growing.

Best dandelion removing tools

Another effective method at removing dandelions from your yard is to mow your lawn. Simply kill these dandelion weeds by mowing over them once a week. For some reason, it seems that dandelions grow extremely fast. Mow often to kill the weeds before they start producing flowers and seeds to reproduce and expand their colony. Ensure that the mower deck is shorter than 3 inches, but not short enough that it damages the grass. It helps to leave the grass clippings on the ground instead of bagging them and dumping them somewhere else. They will basically act as mulch and prevent future seeds from firmly planting themselves in the ground. Keep your lawn dry, if possible. Even as this may harm the overall health of your lawn, it will be detrimental to dandelions as they love water and need it to grow.

If needed, walk around and manually pick all the dandelions in your yard. This is the best way to kill dandelions and prevent them from coming back. When pulling the weed, make sure to pull the roots out or they will come back within days. Many superstores offer great tools to make this process easier and faster as this method is usually time consuming. There are many dandelion weeders for sale, just perform some research before making a purchase. Also available for purchase are some dandelion pesticides. For best results, after pulling out a weed, spray some of this pesticide into the hold before covering it back up. Garden tools to remove dandelions include hoes, shovels, and they even make specialized dandelion removing tools. They are sharp, lightweight and the serrated teeth on both sides make digging up the roots of a dandelion a simple task. Consider investing in one of these simple tools to make your job easier.

There are many dandelion herbicides that can get rid of dandelions almost overnight by killing them. This method will require less manual labor and less time, but may cost more. Sometimes insecticides can harm your grass and some will even destroy your yard, so just ask around and try a test sample before implementing this method throughout your entire yard. Some insecticides are engineered to be sprayed directly on the flower, while others are meant to be sprinkled over your entire lawn. After about a week, you should start seeing results and less dandelions. If there is still a massive amount of weeds growing in your yard, don’t get stressed and stay persistent. Stick with the methods and you will eventually see results, in fact since these weeds are resilient and will come back mostly every year, one of the best ways to kill dandelions is simply to endure and strengthen your dedication at removing them. In other words, get used to having to remove these weeds or plant down some moss for your yard.

Vinegar is a great natural dandelion killer. Simply fill a spray bottle with some vinegar and spray all of the flowering dandelions in your yard to kill them. White distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar work almost as good as any store-bought pesticide. This method of killing weeds is completely organic and natural and makes for a wonderful home remedy to solving this problem. ┬áIn fact, the best natural dandelion killer is probably vinegar, since it is cheap, easy to use, and won’t cause any negative side effects if you have children or pets. Salt has been proven to reduce the growth rate of weeds such as dandelions. Take a large bag of salt and sprinkle a handful on top of a flower to attempt to kill it. One last way to eliminate dandelions and the grass surrounding them is to pour boiling hot water over them. Take caution though, as this will leave a terribly embarrassing circle of dead grass and flowers where the water was poured. I recommend that a vinegar and salt spray be the best homemade vinegar killer, and will rot them just like oil from a car will leave a brown spot in your yard.

Pets that eat dandelions

Consider buying some chickens. As the upkeep may not be worth the hassle, you will also receive some eggs from this method. Chickens will literally eat the dandelions as soon as they pop up. Read through your local laws to see the city ordinances about owning chickens before buying them. Some cities allow chickens to be free, while others require cages. Rabbits will also munch on and remove any remaining dandelions in your yard. Owning a few pets to eat and consume the little flowers will immensely help you retain your fresh, clean yard passively.

Mulch is a great way to help cover up any weeds and plants growing in your yard that you don’t desire. This method won’t require any sort of dandelion tool or expert advice. Anyone can pick up a few bags of mulch at the local hardware or gardening store for under $20. The sunlight will increase dandelion germination and will encourage the spreading of the seeds. To prevent this, pour some mulch over the area you want to kill the dandelions and within a few days, you’ll notice there aren’t any popping up. You can also cover this area with compost, grass clippings, and any sort of mulch. I recommend this technique near a tree or against a house where the color of the mulch may compliment your landscaping. In fact, many people use mulch anyways for landscaping purposes to improve the visual aspect of their houses, so this is a great route to go. This method is the best way to prevent and kill dandelions organically.

Hiring an exterminator can be a last resort, but is a great alternative to the methods mentioned above. Dandelion exterminators are highly trained and have access to the tools required to remove and prevent future dandelions from growing. Exterminators can be quite costly, but so can a damaged yard. They will perform special techniques on specific areas of your yard that will have these little weed flowers screaming to leave. If you have any better techniques that you’d like to share with us, leave a helpful comment below and we would love to discuss and possibly add your idea to the list.


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