Natural ways to get rid of constipation fast

How to Get rid of Constipation naturally

There are tons of natural laxatives that prove to be an effective means of constipation relief and we are going to share these methods. The pain associated with having to go to the bathroom, but not being able to can be excruciating. Many people can actually become embarrassed by this simple health issue. Living with constant constipation can be quite a problem, but boy do we have a few tips to try. Quick constipation relief can be achieved by following the methods below!

Constipation is a serious condition and should be treated with the help of a professional doctor. However, if you don’t want to fork out a load of money and want to try a few natural ways to relieve constipation, try some of these techniques. If none of these seem to work, consider visiting a doctor for better, more tailored advice. Many people who approach this topic with the question, “What can I eat to get rid of constipation?”, so we are going to list a few foods that can provoke a bowel movement.


Oil doesn’t just get cars running smoothly… if you know what I mean. Joking aside, consider taking about a tablespoon of olive oil mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice for flavor. When you consider the consistency of many oils, its no surprise that they work wonderfully as a home remedy to cure constipation. It naturally stimulates the digestive tract and helps push things through your colon. Oil taken on a regular basis can also help prevent constipation in the first place. I prefer this method in the morning as it works best on an empty stomach. Lemon juice also acts as a laxative aid.


First, know that regular molasses just wont cut it. Normal molasses is made from cane sugar juice boiled until it crystallizes. After boiling it three times, blackstrap molasses is the product. There are tons of vitamins and minerals found in blackstrap molasses, including the basic ability to get rid of constipation quick and fast. The mineral that helps you poop in specific, is magnesium. This compound is also very tasty, making it a prime option for those dealing with constipation. Take a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses and optionally mix it with some warm water to produce a nice drink. Start slow as to not overload your digestive tract, and eventually your constipation will be cured.


Hundreds of thousands of people require to just get through a tough Monday. Little did they know caffeine can help you poop. Simply, the smell of coffee can perk many people up and wake them up naturally. This is a great natural stool softener as it is a diuretic and causes frequent urination, which can also lead to the peak of constipation. Just drink a cup, or two if you’re used to the caffeine, and wait around 30 minutes. For some reason, whenever I drink coffee right after eating morning waffles, I have to go literally an hour later. It seems that the combination of the caffeine and high fiber and carbs works amazingly well. You may want to try this method too!


Many readers may already know about this one. To get stuff moving through your body faster, try moving your body. I’m not saying to do a bunch of cartwheels, but simply taking a 10 minute walk can help ease constipation. There isn’t a scientific reason for this, but the idea is that it helps contract colon muscles and encourages your food to move on through. There are tons of workouts and exercises to get rid of constipation immediately. Try some push up, situps, or even jogging in place. I recommend waiting longer than an hour to try these stretches after eating. Since humans have a tendency to sit for long periods of time, sometimes even just standing up can get the ball rolling.

Natural fiber

There are tons of food which express large amounts of fiber. Tons of natural diets include these foods for the simple reason of clearing out the stomach. Not only will it improve your overall health, it will also promote great stomach digestion. Many fruits and vegetables are great at relieving constipation overnight. Grains are especially full of fiber. Fiber can lead to better digestion and eventually a trip to the bathroom. Fiber is a great herbal laxative and probably the best home remedy for constipation. Fiber acts as a sponge, sucking up the water around it, making it swell and acts as a stool softener. Many of these foods work amazingly well at reducing constipation:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Apricots
  • Bread
  • Strawberries
  • Broccoli
  • Plums
  • Prunes
  • Peanuts
  • Potatoes

Aim to eat at least of one of these foods per day to increase your bowel movements and to improve the quality of them. Many of these foods are also great for your health and longevity, which will improve your life within a few weeks. Instead of eating snack that are high in sugar and fructose, try to switch out for some of the fruits and vegetables in the list above. I find that the last 4, which happen to start with the letter “P”, work better than those at the top of the list.

Pooping schedules

Good bowel habits can be hard to keep in today’s busy world, but once maintained, they can be kept. Try not to hold any bowel movements for more than 10 minutes, and visit the bathroom as soon as the urge hits you. Don’t tell your body no or it will punish you with pain. Try to set a time each day. Literally come up with a bathroom schedule to completely eliminate constipation. Aim for peace and quiet without any distractions. It is actually very easy to train your body to poop at a very specific time in the day. After all, the saying “BM in the AM” goes a long way.

Also, aim for perfect bathroom posture. Try to squat over the toilet instead of sitting. I recommend raising your feet with a box to improve the experience. This is how our ancestors did it and this is the way our bodies are meant to experience a bowel movement. This natural position will help things flow smoothly without pain. There are actually books and Youtube videos that explain perfectly well great pooping posture to better your experience in the bathroom. I found that following a few tips, such as raising your feet can help immensely.


Prunes are famous for their natural ability to ease constipation by forcing a bowel movement. Specifically prune juice, this fruit is a classic because it contains a high amount of fiber and sorbitol. For those that don’t know, sorbitol is a natural stool softener and will draw water as it passes through the intestines. Too much prune juice can cause even more pain and create a lot of gas. Start with drinking about 8 ounces of prune juice. If the constipation persists, drink another 8 ounces keeping a careful eye on the bathroom. When it hits you, you are really going to have to go. Some people prefer eating prunes, and that is perfectly okay, since different foods works for different people.

Refresh with probiotic bacteria

Bacteria is necessary to healthy living. It is required to keep the digestive system working properly and moving fluidly. You can lessen the severity of these constipation onsets by simply stepping up and eating some yogurt. This is the easiest way to get more probiotic bacteria into your system. Eat a small cup of yogurt for breakfast or throughout the day as a simple snack. You can get rid of constipation and keep it from coming back by picking out a yogurt that contains the good bacteria. A secret recipe that I have found is one cup of vanilla yogurt mixed with a cup of quick oats. This will form a thick, almost pasty, mixture of oats and yogurt that tastes amazing and will help you poop everyday the right way.

I hope many of these tips and tricks will help induce a bowel movement through eating the right foods. If you have any better methods or techniques, don’t hesitate to leave a helpful comment below. We would love to discuss the best ways and possibly add it to our list to better the community and help more people solve constipation faster.

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