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How To Get rid of Chigger Bites

Treating chigger bites is fairly easy to do, however, identifying chiggers and finding the source is not. Chiggers are very small mites of the arachnid family. Not to be confused with insects like mosquitoes and fleas, these pesky mites are so small it usually takes a magnifying glass to view them. The official name for chiggers is Trombiculidae, and these red-orange mites can be quite an annoyance to anyone on a picnic or outside barbecue. Possibly one of the hardest things to do is the process of identifying chigger bites, but with this guide, you’ll be able to distinguish any chigger bite in less than 30 seconds! Even more so, we are going to teach you how to get rid of chigger bites overnight and the best methods of reducing the itching urge.

What are these red bugs biting me all the time?

If you find yourself itching constantly with little red dots and red bugs crawling on your legs and arms, chiggers may be lurking in your presence. Chigger bites don’t pose an extreme health problem, but the itching and scratching caused by consequence can. When you dig your nails into the allergic reaction caused by these red bugs, breaking open your skin can be a major problem. Open wounds can pose a welcoming home for infection and bacteria, so don’t scratch at your chigger bites! Identifying a chigger bite can be a very difficult task, especially since they look so much like mosquito bites or flea scratches.

What can you do to get rid of a chigger rash fast? There are many home remedies to cure chigger bites, but some are actually myths. I remember my grandparents telling me to use fingernail polish or alcohol to the affected itchy areas. Their reasoning was that the chigger would suffocate inside my skin, die, and after a few baths I would be clean. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. By the time that you notice a chigger has bit you, the time is too late and they are long gone. Another common worry is that chiggers will lay their eggs inside your skin. They don’t do this, so stop worrying. Symptoms of chigger bites include itching, red bumps, rashes, and what looks like hives. To reduce the swelling quickly, take a warm shower.

How can I prevent chigger bites?

When a chigger bites you, it is actually doing a complex amount of damage. First, it inserts it’s drilling tooth into your skin and actually creates a hole. After this, the chigger releases many harmful enzymes that kill the surrounding tissue to break down into food. While your body is trying to get rid of the red bug, the chigger will be feasting away at the dead tissue and be off before you even start itching. Preventing bites from chiggers is the best step you can take. I recommend staying away from large field of open grass and dense forests, since they seem to house a large amount of these mites.

Stay away from grassy areas and forests if you have little clothing on. Not only will there be a massive amount of chiggers present, you will also find ticks, spiders, and mosquitoes. When the need to enter such environments, consider wearing tight and long clothes. Boots and gloves will discourage any insects from crawling on your skin. Taking some simple steps to make sure you prevent chiggers from crawling all over your body will greatly help in reducing bites that itch.

Make chigger bites stop itching

The first step you can take to get rid of a chigger bite is to take a hot shower. Use warm water and mild soap to effectively remove any remaining chiggers. After this shower, apply some ice to your affected areas. Cold temperatures will restrict the blood flow and reduce the swelling from the bite. Another common technique is to use a hair dryer, which, for some reason also cures the itching effect. If the bite is still swelled and itching after a few hours, apply calamine lotion or some Vicks Vaporub to the bug bites. This method heals the skin faster and is quite soothing. Another technique that is worth a shot to reduce these berry bug bites involves applying mosquito repellent before entering tall grass.

Oatmeal have home remedies, but getting rid of bug bites is one of the best. Scrub your areas with some cooked oatmeal, and leave on your skin for a few minutes. This natural way to relieve bites works by neutralizing the allergy caused by the compounds and histamines contained in the saliva of the chigger. It can literally stop the itching overnight. If you feel the need to scratch, lightly tap the skin and your brain will confuse it for an itch. Another method involves filling a sock with some oatmeal and placing in a warm bath. After 10 minutes, the oatmeal grains should be dissolved into the water creating a very healthy, natural way to relieve itching. This also works with tea bags and cornstarch.

To find relief for the itching, I prefer to use an anti-itch gel. Calamine and Benedryl seem to work best for many people. Calamine lotion can be purchased at any local superstore at a cheap price and is used to prevent itching. Benedryl will help reduce any pain associated with a bug bite fast, although many versions also make the patient tired. Refer to the chigger bite pictures below for a better example of what you may be facing. Local honey is a common natural remedy to any itching bug bites and will help moisturize your skin many times over. Vinegar is another homemade cure to itchy chigger bites. Pour some vinegar or apple cider vinegar onto a cotton ball and dab it onto the affected area. After a couple minutes, you should feel immediate relief and the itching should subside. A great recommendation is to stick the cotton ball on with a bandaid before bed for amazing results.

One of the many ways to treat a chigger bite is to apply some antibiotic or anti-itch cream and then spread a band-aid over it. Many parents have done this for years and it has worked swimmingly for thousands of children. Chigger bite irritation may last up to a week, but the itching sensation usually doesn’t last longer than a few days. The redness and swelling with any bug bite is caused due to an allergic reaction and irritation within the skin. The body’s immune system will solve this problem as soon as possible, which is a few days.

Preparation H is well-known for taking care of itchy problems. This treatment can reduce inflammation when applied to the skin. Isopropyl, or rubbing, alcohol can also be used as a topical treatment to help reduce the urge to scratch your chigger bite. Sometimes even Germ-X is enough to stun your skin to eradicate any symptoms. Be careful though, as the alcohol can burn and may cause some pain to younger patients. Some patients don’t even have this problem since they never properly realize that some chigger bites just aren’t itchy.

Finally, if after a few days the swelling is not relieved, or worsens, go to a professional doctor to get medical advice. They are trained in the effect of treating bug bites the right way and can make professional decisions about the seriousness of the matter. You may have accidentally scratched the pimple area and already received an infection, which could be worse. Many diseases can arise from simple mosquito or chigger bites. There is a massive amount of bacteria and dirt inside your fingernails and scratching a bug bite can lead to infection. Wash your hands often and avoid scratching. If you do have to scratch, use your fingernail to itch away from you instead of towards you. This method reduced the overall chance of infection and will make your chigger bite feel better. What seems to be a chigger rash may end up being something worse or more complicated. Get your chigger rash checked before it becomes a larger problem. A very small amount of individuals can actually have a chigger bite allergic reaction.

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I hope that these little tips and tricks help you cure your chigger bite super fast through application of the best method and techniques. If you have any better methods, don’t hesitate to leave a suggestive comment below. We would love to discuss new ideas and may even add your way to our list. Remember, if your bite seems to be getting worse, or many red bumps start appearing in a short amount of time, consider visiting a professional health care provider for better advice.  Chiggers can spread disease and a more serious complication may have started within the bite wound.

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    1. Yes, some calamine lotion applied after a warm bath can be very effective at reducing the itching. Are you sure that the bites are chigger bites?

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