How to cure dry lips

How To Get Rid of Chapped Lips

Many people get chapped lips around the colder weather, but your lips can become dry or cracked anytime during the year. As this is a common problem, we are going to give you a few tips and techniques to get rid of chapped lips fast and prevent them from chapping! Cheilitis is generally referred to as “chapped lips” even though the official name is cheilitis. We will give you enough knowledge about getting rid of chapped, dry lips, and even cracked lips, in the most effective manner.

Don’t lick your lips!

First off, don’t lick your lips especially if the air is dry. Licking them will cause the moisture to dehydrate and dry out crusty lips making it worse. Just refrain from wetting your lips through saliva. Instead, apply some Chapstick to keep them moisturized without using your tongue. If you are up for a challenge, you can apply some bad tasting chapstick to remind yourself not to lick them. Carmex and Blistex are both chap sticks to try that don’t taste very good to many people. I can tell from experience that this is definitely the best way to get rid of chapped lips without using any other paid product or agonizing technique. Simply just don’t lick them and keep them from chapping in the first place. Some people search around the Internet looking for ways to cure their dry lips, but not realizing that licking them is what is perpetually causing them to dry out and become cracked. Try to avoid moistening them and sparingly lick them since this will only cause more pain in the future, especially if time is of the beginning of the dry season. Some of the natural methods listed below will help you fight this constant urge.

Breathe through your nose

Breathing through your nose can help a lot during chapped lip season. When you breath through your mouth, the air that touches your lips dries them out. Simply close your lips to reduce the amount of air and surface area available to be dried. It’s a very simple technique that works wonders when mastered. Some may need conscious effort to activate the muscles required to breath through only the nose, but practice makes perfect. If you have ever been jogging in the cold, you know perfectly well how the best method is to breathe is in through the nose, out the mouth. However, when it is dry outside, you will realize that this method can quickly eliminate the moisture in your mouth, giving you cotton mouth. Instead, when one has chapped membranes, try to breath in and out through the nose.

Exfoliate your lips

There are many ways to exfoliate your lips. One of the most common techniques is to apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your lips, then use a soft toothbrush to wipe away all the dead skin. There are some that don’t even apply the petroleum jelly and just use the toothbrush to brush their lips, and that works too. I personally recommend Eos lip balm since they have many amazing flavors and offer adequate moisturizing value. Moisturizing lip balm can be purchased locally and works wonders when applied directly to any dry spots

Sugar and Honey can be a great and tasty exfoliating cream. Simple just get a teaspoon of honey, and mix it equally with some pure cane sugar as best as you can. I find mixing it in those tiny medicine cups works great. Apply this sweet paste to your lips and leave for about 5 minutes. This will soften up and moisturize your lips like no other. It also makes kisses to your significant other fun and sweet.

Use a Humidifier

Purchase a cheap humidifier to place in the room you sleep in. The increased moisture will ensure that your lips stay clean and hydrated! Some humidifiers require daily maintenance, while others only need to be cleaned and refilled once a week. Do not confuse this with a dehumidifier, as this will worsen your case and can dry out the air even more causing nose bleeds in some. One can purchase a humidifier at any local superstore and the instructions are generally pretty simple. Just plug it in, fill it up with water, and turn it on. This will help keep your entire body feeling smooth and basically act as natural, pain-free way to keep your skin hydrated.

Humidifiers simply take liquid water and place more water molecules in the air increasing the humidity. You have to refill them every few days with clean distilled water. Using something that can increase the humidity and moisture content in your house will cure your dry mouth almost overnight. Even placing a pot of water on the stove to let the steam evaporate will help immensely.

Can sunscreen help my chapped lips?

Absolutely! Sunscreen can be used for your lips, but make sure that you buy the kind specifically made for your lips. Superstores sell these little tubes of moisturizer with a SPF of 15. This will protect your lips from the sun’s harmful rays! Ultraviolet rays produced by the sun can cause your lips to dry out and damage the cells of them, which can have extremely negative effects and reduce your chance of getting rid of dry lips. Many sunscreen products sold for your lips contain the same chemicals and compounds as Chapstick and work just was well. Many beach goers find themselves also acquiring a case of windburned lips, which can be a very irritating problem. Read the section about petroleum jelly below for best results about curing a windburn.


Beeswax for chapped lips has worked for centuries. Beeswax is a natural alternative to petroleum jelly, created with no harmful byproducts and no known bad health effects. It’s also renewable and can work great at curing allergies if picked up from a local farmer. Simply take the beeswax and rub some of it on your lips to create a seal that will effectively keep out dirt and air that would dry your lips out.

Drink LOTS of water

What better way to keep your lips wet and hydrated than to quench your thirst with water? I recommend drinking at least 32oz of water a day, and no more than 128oz. This is equivalent to 4 to 16 bottles of water a day, and keeping them handy will make drinking extra water easier. Even though this may require more bathroom breaks, your lips will thank you. Drinking extra water (as many people don’t drink enough) will have positive effects on your overall health too! Nobody likes to look at crusty lips and the surest way to remedy this is by supplying your cells with adequate hydration. It is common that the cause of dry lips is actually the lack of proper hydration, or dehydration, with a combination of dry air. There are tons of methods to cure dry lip skin instantly, but drinking more water is the best. Some patients even saw improvement in less than 40 minutes.

Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)

Vaseline seems to be the fix-all method for chapped lips. It is almost the oldest trick in the book and works almost every time. Some petroleum jelly bottles have flavoring, while others have a distinct metallic taste. Many individuals also use petroleum jelly to get rid of stuffy noses and keep their nostrils from bleeding in the winter. Keeping a small tub of this stuff on you at all times is very easy! Just dab some of the jelly on your fingers and apply on your lips like Chapstick. If you have a case of burning chapped lips, especially if you have eaten any salt products, resort to Vaseline to keep them from burning.

No more spicy food

Refrain as much as possible from eating spicy or salty food. The compounds found in these will dry out your lips extremely fast and can even cause pain in cuts. Even certain drinks, such as soda, can be detrimental to the health of your lips and should be avoided. Try to stick with water and you’ll be golden! Many times it can be hard to stay away and hold self control to get serious about keeping your face healthy. Many of the techniques listed on this page work great if you can hold to them.

If you have tried most of these techniques, and your lips are still chapped causing pain and discomfort, consider visiting your professional healthcare doctor as you may have a special case and need more serious help. On the rare case that this happens, treatment option range from prescription lip balm to more serious plans such as surgery. Be proactive about the health and well-being of your lips and do your research.

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