How to get rid of cat pee smell

How To Get rid of cat urine smell

Do you have a cat that seems to be peeing all over your house, on your carpets, in your couches, and just being annoying? This may be hard for many cat-lovers, since training a cat to not urinate on the floor can be quite difficult for those without patience. If you are trying to get rid of the nasty cat pee smell from your home, try some of these tips and tricks to reduce the terrible smell. You should be prepared to clean up a few messes when you first bring home a new kitty. Do no fear though, if none of these tricks work, there are tons of professionals who are highly trained and have the tools necessary to clean up messes like these.

Cleaning up cat messes

Probably one of the most important concepts you have to understand is that the sooner you can get the mess cleaned up, the less it will smell in the future. Some people literally just don’t know what to do when their cat pees on on the floor. Here’s how to clean up cat pee on a carpet, on laminate, or anywhere else your cat decides to call a litterbox. When you see that your carpet is a little wet, or shows signs of dampness, fold a paper towel in fourths. Take the folded paper towel and lay on the carpet and press with your foot. This method works extremely well for many people, but some thicker carpets may require more work. Through capillary action, the paper towel will soak up the cat urine as best as it can. Sometimes more than one paper towel is needed.

This blotting technique works wonders for new urine stains, but doesn’t work very well for old ones. To treat old urine stains, pour some warm water over the stain and apply the same method with a white towel. Never rub the stain as this will make it worse, instead, use light dabbing to blot the stain out of the carpet.

Vinegar solution

The simplest home remedy to eliminate the scent of feline urine is definitely vinegar. I would start with three cups of water and one cup of vinegar. White vinegar and apple cider vinegar both work great. Pour the mixture onto the spot that your cat peed. Just note that vinegar has a strong smell and can linger for days, but will be better than cat urine. After about 3 hours, the carpet should start to dry.

When this happens, generously sprinkle some baking powder over the mess. You should be able to see some of your carpet, but most of it should be covered with baking powder. Vacuum up the baking powder after sprinkling it and then use a large towel to soak up the remaining vinegar. Some people rub the baking soda in with a toothbrush or other tool to work it deep into the carpet, but this is not necessary. See, vinegar can kill the bacteria and help neutralize the foul smelling odor quickly.

Hydrogen peroxide and soap

This is probably the best home remedy, but will require more time and skill. Mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of detergent. I believe dish soap works fine too. Anyways, take the new solution and run a test in a small corner of your house. This test is very important as it will make sure that your carpet won’t be discolored by the solution. Just pour a bit into a corner of your house that doesn’t get much traffic, wait about 30 minutes, and check for discoloration. If your carpet is still the same color, great! If it’s not, try changing the detergent to a different color that contains very little dye. Now that you have a great solution, pour this onto the place where you want to get rid of the cat urine stain.

Not only will this remove the stain, but it will also effectively get rid of the pee smell overnight. After you have let the solution dry for a couple of days, yes a couple of days, vacuum up the spot and then pour some warm water over the spot and immediately soak it back up with a white towel. The white towel will prove if there was any yellow urine left and you need to repeat this. Hopefully not, as that will mean a yellow towel and another couple days of waiting. If needed, you can even put some crushed up cinnamon or cloves into the mixture to create a very nice smell that will absolutely cover up the scent.

Enzymatic cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners are basically liquids that contains special living enzymes that are great at breaking down the proteins found in urine. They will break down the proteins that produce the smell too, which can lead to the elimination of the cat urine smell. There are tons of enzymatic cleaners on the market, and many are avaliable on Amazon, just perform extensive research and always read the reviews before making a purchase. Sometimes enzymatic cleaners don’t work on specific carpets or if you have already used another chemical on the spot. Always read the direction very carefully and follow them on point. Many people have luck using an enzymatic cleaner, and I would recommend trying this method first before any others.

Removing cat pee smell on clothes

Are you looking for a good way to remove the cat urine smell on your clothes? You’ve came to the right place! We have a method that is quite simple and requires very little capital. First, start loading your washing machine as normal. Right before you start the wash, throw in 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to the mixture and close the door. This works on beddings, clothes, rugs, and just about anything else you can throw in your washer. Literally just pour in some vinegar and when your clothes come out (granted, you might have to use a few fabric softener sheets in the dryer), they will smell clean as new.¬†There are other methods on how to get rid of cat pee smell on clothes, but this seems to work the best for most people.¬†Get rid of that terrible gross smell on your shirts and pants easily! Remember to keep your cat away from your clothes to prevent this from happening again.

Vacuum often

This is probably the simplest tip you will ever hear. If you have pervasive stains in your carpet from your cat’s accidents, the best step you can take now is to start vacuuming daily. Sweep your floor everyday too. Keeping the carpet clean will do two things. First, it will slowly start to bring health back to your carpet and get rid of the smells coming from it. Second, it will train your cat. What do I mean by this? Well, simply that it will teach your cat that the carpet deserves to be clean and should be respected, not to be peed on. Some may not believe this method, but it works, and if you aren’t sure, then try it. Vacuum your carpet every day for a week and you’ll smell the results. Not only that, but when you go to lay down on the floor, you’ll realize how much softer and smoother your carpet is.

Consider getting a litter box

Probably the best step you can do to prevent your cat from peeing all over the carpet and couch, is to train them to pee in a litter box. There are tons of guides on how to potty train your kitten and cats, but you need to understand that it is much easier to train a kitten when they are young. It is definitely possible to train a full grown cat to urinate in a box full of sand, but it takes time and a lot of patience. Do not yell or physically abuse any of your pets for peeing in the wrong area, instead quickly shuffle them to the correct area. Remember that cat’s memories don’t last very long and after a day, they probably won’t remember what you are yelling at them about.

Look for signs when they are needing to go, such as sniffing and wandering. Try to use positive ques to get the feline to pee in the box instead of using negative actions. Cats are very picky animals and require their bathroom environments to be squeaky clean. You can feed them a small treat after they have successfully urinated into the sand litter. Also verbally telling them they “did a good job” in a soothing voice will help your kitten get on the right track. More specifically, it is significantly easier to train a cat to poop in a litter box at a young age, but that’s not to say you can’t train an adult cat. It is actually instinctual for them to clean up after themselves in the sand anyways.

Another tip is to keep the litter box clean. Use a little scoop to gently scoop out any clumps of poop or urine every day to reduce the foul odors emanating from this box. If needed, you can actually purchase a kitty litter box with a hood to ensure that the bad smells stay inside the box. Although this may require some more work, it is very useful for those will small apartments or lots of cats.

You should replace the sand often, just as you replace the toilet paper in your own bathroom. If the cat thinks it is getting too dirty, they will start going back to the couch, or your precious carpet. Consider placing the litter box in a quiet, reserved area so the cat may have some peace while doing it’s business. Many people place them in the basement for this exact reason. Basement litter boxes are great because they keep the smell to a minimum since not most basements have small traffic. They also allow the ca to pee and poop in peace and privacy.

Put your cat outside

This is always an alarming action to many cat owners. However, is has a 100% effectiveness rating, since a cat outdoors can’t even come inside. Consider pushing your indoor cat to be an outdoor cat. Many cats are extremely adaptive and will adjust to this change quite quickly. Start by just putting them outside. For the first few days, they will stand at your door, possibly clawing and meowing, but don’t give in. Instead, place food and water outside at regular intervals. Also, don’t forget necessary hygiene options such as grooming and vet checks. If these methods seems to not work, try visiting your local veterinarian for further advice. Something may be wrong with your cat’s digestive or internal organ functions.

The last option, if you still have your cat, is to give it away or take it to a local shelter. Depending on your local laws, many shelters will allow you to drop off your cat for good. They will take care of them, feed them, and try to give them away to a better home. I recommend searching on Facebook or Twitter for someone who is looking for a cat; this may be a better out to get rid of your cat. Just remember that spaying and neutering your cats will prevent the reproduction and eventual collection of more cats.

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