How to kill carpet beetles

How To Get rid of Carpet Beetles

The first step to getting rid of carpet beetles is identifying if you even have a carpet beetle problem. There are many clues that these pesky beetles will leave behind such as fecal pellets and the shedding of their skin. Inspect your carpet and furniture carefully for live carpet beetle larvae and adults. If you find some, don’t be scared. There are many techniques and methods that will help you eliminate a bug problem quickly without haste. For those of you who don’t know, carpet beetles will roll over or move very slowly if disturbed. Learning how to get rid of carpet beetle larvae will also be an approach to solving this problem.

They range in colors and there are three main species of carpet beetles: varied carpet beetle, furniture carpet beetle, and the ever-so-common black carpet beetle. Each of these species look a bit different, but you can solve the problem in just about the same way. Some are even mesmerizing to look at because of the ravishing patterns on their shells. Usually a darker color, patterns with bright colors can also be found.  Larvae of carpet beetles look like brown rubber bands that crawl around on the floor and have hair-like wavy extensions on an end of their abdomen.

Find the source of carpet beetles

Now that you have identified that there is a problem being caused by carpet beetles in your house, you need to move on and get rid of them. You can search around and find spots where they have chewed through stuff. These may be mistaken by moths, however. Carpet beetles love to chew on fabric, especially carpet since they can hide away for years without being noticed. Check the clothing in the attic too! Many dark and undisturbed places such as attics, under the stairs, and below the carpet are perfect conditions for an infestation of carpet beetles to begin. Be proactive and check these places often before you find yourself in a mess. Since to most people, carpet beetles are bad, we will want to figure out where they are coming from and eliminate that source.

Vacuum the carpet

Probably the first step you can take is to immediately vacuum the carpet with a high-value vacuum or even a shampooing vacuum. This will clean out the dead beetles from your carpet as well as discourage future beetle growth. Remember to vacuum other places than just your carpet. The couch, lamp shades, and pillows all need to be swept down and washed to aid in reducing and removing carpet beetles. Consider doing this chore at a minimum of once a day while the problem still exists. Remember that these beetles are usually nocturnal and will eat food during the dark, and vacuuming your carpet and sweeping your floors will remove most of their food source, so I recommend performing these activities before going to bed.

Keep everything clean

An extremely important habit one should build is to keep your house and property clean. Good hygiene, especially in a home, is necessary in removing a carpet beetles infestation from your household because they thrive in dirty houses. Throw away your infested clothing. If it has holes in it, you need to get rid of it since it isn’t worth keeping and may still have a few beetle or eggs on it.

Keeping dirty and rotten clothes and garments increases the risk of having more pests and insects lay eggs and reproduce in your home. Also maintain great kitchen hygiene. Keep food off the tables and counters and hide your starches and flours in locked cabinets. Unlike ants, these beetles don’t swarm in packs and leave chemical trails behind, but you should still keep your living environment clean. Try washing your clothes and garments in hot soapy water to get rid of the carpet beetle larvae and eggs in your fabrics. The eggs they lay are extremely resilient and hard to kill off, so make sure to wash them good. If you have any rugs in your house, vacuum them first, then follow the instructions on the tag to wash and dry it correctly. This will greatly reduce the number of beetle eggs in your carpet. An alternative would be bringing it to a hardware store, since they can clean them as well. Many people wonder where do carpet beetles come from, and they could answer this question simply by cleaning out their rugs every now and then.

Spray insecticide

If needed, insecticide can be purchased to warp off carpet beetles and repel them in the future. Perform research and select the best insect repelling spray, as some of them only work on carpets, some only work on ants, and a few will kill just about anything. Don’t just repel and reduce the amount of carpet beetles in your household, get a spray that will kill those suckers so you can vacuum them up.  There is also spot treatment available which you can spray in holes and near crack in your house to remove beetles. There are tons of insecticide and pesticides at your local superstore and hardware stores. Generally, these sprays are inexpensive, but can become pricey when spraying larger houses. Always read the full instruction on the packaging and completely understand the direction before using. Sometimes the spray can be harmful to pets and children.

Set carpet beetle traps

Hormone-based glue traps can be placed around cracks and holes in any house to trap and kill carpet beetles. They also give you a nice estimation of how many beetles are remaining. Just be sure to check the traps regularly like once a week. Poisons work nice too, but the danger risk must be assessed. If kids or pets will be in the house, you may want to stray away from this method. I prefer to use those sticky mice traps. They trap many insects as well. Just hide one behind your TV or under the couch, and in a few weeks there will be dozens of spiders, beetles, and even a couple flies!

Remove nests in your trees. This is a fairly simple concept that actually works. Carpet beetles and many other insect pests can be found hiding and burrowing inside of bird and squirrel nests. Use a ladder or a pole to knock down these nests if desired. Also mow your lawn at least once a week to keep the grass short and remove any possibilities of insect homes. These beetles, spiders, ants, and even snakes like to hide in dead leaf piles during the fall, so I recommend keeping these piles away from your house or burning them. Remember to keep safety a priority when burning leaves. Some people create compost piles of grass clippings and leaves far away from their house to help the decay of organic material, and supply a food source for many bugs.

Carpet beetle protection

Protect your clothes and fabrics. Store unwanted clothes and out-of-season garments in your attic inside of an airtight tub. The idea is simple, keep the food source and housing areas away. Carpet beetles will stay away from your house if you simply hide the stuff they are looking for.Keep your house closed. When it is insect season, which is basically the entire summer, keep your windows closed. Also, don’t leave any doors open too long. I know its tempting to allow the spring breeze flow through and air out your house, but living in a location with carpet beetles can remove this possibility. Don’t bring outside flowers in. This is a small one that probably doesn’t apply to most, but the idea is simple. Taking some steps to ensure that your home stays clean and beetle-free are vital and are as easy to do as they are easy not to do. Home maintenance and cleaning services are available to most residence of larger cities, and usually have a money-back guarantee.

Use Boric acid

Try lightly dusting your house with boric acid to eliminate a carpet beetle infestation. Amazon even offers some boric acid sprays that are specifically marked to remedy this problem. Take care, as boric acid is as powerful as bleach at staining. Boric acid is harmless to humans, kids, and pets in small doses. Remember that carpet beetles are very resilient and can find many alternatives to your carpet. Feeling overwhelmed by your carpet beetle problem? Consider hiring a professional exterminator to deal with them. They are highly trained experts that have the knowledge and tools to properly handle the situation. Sometimes identifying carpet beetles can be confusing, especially when they can look like bed bugs and distinguished as “tiny black bugs”.

We hope that you can put these tips to good use and solve your bug problem. You can leave a comment below if you feel like you have any better method or techniques at removing these beetles from your household. Discussing new ideas and possibly adding them to the list is also a possibility.


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