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How To Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes

Millions of people wake up in the morning, roll out of bed, walk over to their mirror and wonder how to get rid of the bags under their eyes. Their lives may even be filled with peace and tranquility, but the skin around their eyes seems to sink and be very dark. The problem can lie in many places, including their diet, lifestyle habits, and even their sleeping position. With this awesome article, you will learn how to quickly reduce the sagginess and dullness of your under eyes. Be proactive and stay persistent for the best long term results.

What causes dark circles under eyes?

There are many causes of dark circles under your eyes, but they come down to a few main sources. First, natural aging will deteriorate the tissues and structures supporting your eyelids. The skin under your eyes will begin to become thinner, allowing more and more veins and vessels to appear. The dark red/blue color of your blood will show right though. Also, changes in fluid retention (such as hot and humid days), hormone levels, and even your diet can change the appearance of your eyes. Sleeping well is a major contributor to what your under eyes look like, and more so for your specific sleeping position. Bags under your eyes can even be caused by genetics and heredity, simply a long line of bags that are extremely hard to get rid of.

Drink more water

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Some research suggest that the average human should drink up to 64 ounces of clean, fresh water every day. Under eye bags are sometimes caused by the lack of water and excess of sodium in your bloodstream. After eating something salty or crying, your eyes may seem especially dark and baggy. The trick is to immediate drink a bottle of water to balance out the sodium. Water is good for your overall skin health anyways, so skip the pop and go for some natural H2O.

Simply consuming a larger amount of water has been proven to have many great health benefits, including removing baggy eyes. This is probably the safest and most natural ways to get rid of bags under your eyes without taking a harmful pill or other methods with permanent side effects.

Cold compresses

Generally, you can reduce the bags under your eyes by placing a cold object on them. In fact, this is where the famous Hollywood cucumber over the eyes trick comes from. Another great thing is that the cool temperature will draw out the heat and sooth the area they are placed. They are also just the perfect shape to cover your entire eye. Simply take a cucumber out of the fridge and cut it up into some slices, then place directly on your eyelids.

An alternative to cucumbers is simply to use some spoons. Using some frozen spoons is an effective way to get rid of the bags under your eyes. Place two or four spoons in your freezer for a couple hours. After this short period, pull them out and place directly on your closed eyes. Many people find this to be very painful, so consider warming them up a bit before burning the thin skin over your eyes. I recommend leaving them in the freezer or fridge overnight and applying this technique after waking up. Notice that this method will not work with plastic spoons, and will require clean metal spoons.

Hiding them with concealer

This tip is more for the female readers, but there is nothing wrong with men applying concealer. You can hide the dark circles under eyes simply by picking a concealer that matches your facial complexion. This is probably the most effective method of making your under eyes look better, but is not a preventative method and will not cure the starting problem. Start by picking a concealer that matches your skin tone, or is at least really close. Using a cotton ball or your fingertips, dab this compound onto your face very lightly, adding only a bit at a time. Don’t rub it in! It should stay on the surface of your face, and not get into your pores. If possible, use a brush of powder to help keep the concealer looking the same way all day.


Another quick fix to baggy eyes is to use a simple easy method involving some tea bags. The idea is that the tannin enclosed in the bags helps improve the quality of the surrounding skin and will improve the aesthetics of it. Start by bringing a pot of water to boil and dropping in two teabags. I recommend herbal green tea, but any type of tea works as long as it is natural.

After stirring it for a while and making sure the bags are soaked, remove the bags and let them cool down on a local plate. When you think they are cool enough, but still warm to do their job, place them right onto the thin skin under your eyes. Lie down in a relaxing setting and let the teabags metaphorically soak through your skin and into the pores of your stress. After about 10 minutes, or when you eventually wake up, remove the tea bags and the puffiness of your eyes should be relieved. Use a warm wash cloth to wash off any of the stains left by the tea.

Treating your allergies

Often times, dark circles under the eyelids are caused by a natural allergic reaction to the pollen and allergens floating around in the air. These pesky compounds can lead to irritation and inflammation of the face which exaggerates the dark circles. To prevent this, you can take some anti-histamine medication to try and combat the allergic reaction. Consider visiting your doctor and getting a stronger dosage than over the counter medicines if you are still experiencing symptoms during the fall and spring. If possible, avoid being around a multitude of flowers, dusty environments, or animals. Keeping your house vacuumed and hygienic is a vital steps to reducing allergies and bags under an eye.

Get adequate sleep the right way

Sleep is a vital role in improving the quality of your facial skin. Not only should you be aiming for up to 8 hours of perfect sleep a night, the posture in which you sleep is also important. Sleep can reduce stress, which can also help in getting rid of the bags and what will eventually be worry lines. If you sleep on your stomach or side, think again. Those who sleep like this have a greater chance of making wrinkles and bags on their eyes. Sleeping the proper amount is probably the best natural way to make your eyes look healthier and rejuvenated.

In fact, if you sleep on your side, one eye may have a larger bag under it than the other. Try sleeping on your bag; prop up some pillow to help you stay in the same position all night long. I recommend placing a pillow under your head during these snoozing hours to reduce the amount of fluid that collects in your head. If you have a sleep disorder, visiting the doctor for proper advice will help greatly in your quest at removing those embarrassing dark marks.

Proper diet to remove bags under eyes

Probably the most important factor in improving the quality of your skin is to take proper steps in eating and drinking right. Healthy food can do wonders for you skin, making it glow and gleam within a matter of a few days. Consider reducing the amount of salt in your diet to increase the elasticity of your skin. Try to cut out salt from your diet and you will be amazed with how much better food tastes. Salt will absorb the water you drink and prevent it from going to much needed places.

Alcohol is a big no when it comes to eye bags. Drinking any form of alcohol can cause water retention, which will eventually make your eyes look puffy within a few hours. On occasion, everyone drinks, so make sure to try to drink and equal amount of water at the same time to reduce this process from happening. Reversing bags under your eyes can be as easy as improving your diet.


Since this is technically a cosmetic problem, it can possibly be resolved through surgery. As people get older, their fat accumulation starts to be stored under their eyes and can create a serious mental-health problem from the resulting bags. Blepharoplasty is the professional term of removing the fat around your eyes and using a laser to tighten the skin. These operations can cost up to $5000 USD, and the recovery period is generally several weeks, so keep this in mind when considering this option.

A less scary alternative is to get a filler. For most people, bags that are caused by age and not bad lifestyle choices generally can’t be corrected through any other method. A doctor will inject hyaluronic filler under the skin around your eyes to improve the looks. It essentially makes the skin look more youthful. The only downside to this technique is that it can be very dangerous if not done by a professional. Do your research, ask around, and don’t settle for an operator simply because of the cheap price or location. Also, this costs a few hundred dollars and can lead to bruises or swelling in the areas in a small amount of people. Consider all the options on this page carefully and start with the less serious, cheaper methods before moving onto options like surgery.



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