What causes bad morning breath?

How To Get rid of bad breath (Halitosis)

Everyone knows that one coworker at the office that is known for their remarkably terrible bad breath. If not, then you may be the one with a foul smelling breath. We are going to teach how to get rid of bad breath, also known as halitosis, in a few simple steps. These techniques can reduce even the worst garlic breath and fix the stinkiest onion breath. Having halitosis can be quite embarrassing and can actually cause one to engage in less conversations leading to reduced efficiency. This odor can also lower self-esteem leading to serious mental disorders. Cure it quickly before more problems arise.

What causes bad breath?

It seems that the best way to prevent bad morning breath is to know exactly what causes bad breath. It is actually 100% natural to wake up in the morning with an unclean feeling in your mouth and the best thing to do is to brush your teeth and tongue. The foul odor is produced from bacteria in your mouth which produce sulfur and reproduce in your mouth. They generally feed on tiny particles in your throat and tongue. Reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth by brushing your teeth twice a day and immediately after eating.

The tiny bacteria can be helpful to your mouth’s health in moderation. They simply break down the proteins of the food and release sulfur compounds as a byproduct. Your breath will worsen the longer these bacteria grow and reproduce and excrete sulfur. Dairy, meat, and fish are especially good at feeding these bacteria and should be avoided to obtain fresher breath. Halitosis can be relieved by being mindful in the food choices one makes.

Dry mouth can also produce a perfect environment for anaerobic bacteria to thrive. Speaking, smoking, or sleeping with your mouth open for long periods can dry out the inside of your mouth allowing bad breath to run rampant. Many people have bad breath in the morning because during sleep, their saliva production decreases and thus the mouth is dryer. Even minor foods with the lack of a wet mouth can cause a gross smelling breath.

Poor dental hygiene and inadequate care of your mouth can create many problems for your teeth. There are many diseases that occur simply because one forgets to or doesn’t brush their teeth. Make sure to brush your teeth often and floss once a day. Gum disease, cavities, and gingivitis are all caused from the lack of proper oral hygiene. Get rid of bad breath forever by simply bushing and flossing.

Bad breath home remedies

There are many homes remedies to try that cure bad breath. One of the best ways to get rid of morning breath is simply to brush the teeth after waking up. Ensure to brush for at least 5 minutes and double check your tongue. Always brush the flat surface of your tongue as far back as you can without gagging to clean up all those pesky sulfur-producing bacteria. As this does invoke a gag reflex in many people, it is often advised to purchase tongue scrapers.

Tongue scrapers are simple tools that help in the process of removing food particles and other stuff from the back of your tongue. Use the plastic stick to swab the back of your throat gently and scrape off all the gunk back there. This will greatly improve the scent of your breath overnight.

A simpler and well-proven method to reduce bad breath is to break the bacteria’s chemical reaction. This will stop the production of the compounds that smell gross. Since the bacteria can be killed by oxygen, one can use an oxygenating compound to introduce oxygen that will kill the bacteria. These usually come in an oral solution to rinse out the mouth. Dentists usually recommend toothpastes and mouthwashes with chlorine dioxide and sodium chlorite to neutralize the compounds at the source of the stench.

Here are some tips to prevent bad breath:

  • Brush your teeth regularly
  • Use a tongue scraper
  • Stay hydrated
  • Floss occassionally
  • Avoid coffee, pop, and alcohol
  • Avoid garlic, onion, and other foul-smelling spices
  • Buy a new toothbrush every season
  • Ask your doctor for a different medication
  • Chew gum

Another great tool in the armory of bad breath is mouth wash. Many mouthwashes are effective at getting rid of bad breath, but avoid the ones that contain alcohol. The alcohol will actually dry out your mouth even more and can worsen the situation. Stay away from mouthwashes with alcohol, and instead stick to natural remedies to cure bad breath. Drinking any type of alcoholic beverage can and will worsen your bad breath symptoms, so stay away from alcohol.

A little trick to reducing the odorous breath is to eat foods high in fiber. Foods with lots of fiber contain compounds that help prevent halitosis. Also, try to stray away from eating junk food and processed food as these will have the opposite effect. Many suggest drinking green tea and black tea to reduce halitosis symptoms. These teas contain polyphenols that will eliminate oral bacteria. Avoid eating stinky foods such as garlic and onions before bed. Garlic is a huge offender of bad breath because even brushing your teeth after eating will not help. Don’t eat them and try to avoid eating them at all costs.

Chewing gum can be a great way to hide your bad breath. Not only will it help clean your mouth of tiny food particles, many gums also have a strong mint or bubblegum scent that can mask the other odor. Gum also stimulates saliva and causes you to make more spit which in turn increases the overall health of your mouth. Simply pop in a piece of gum after a dinner instead of a mint because the sugars in the mint will actually help bacteria produce acids.

Cure bad breath fast by quitting smoking. Just cut all of the tobacco products from your life. Not only can it cause cancer and damage your gums, tobacco can also cause the worse smelling breath. There are many quitting smoking programs out there, and some people can quit chewing overnight with the help of some friends. It may take some time, but I guarantee it will help with your breath problem. Smoking and bad breath are closely related and can be fixed with the help from some positive encouragement. Ask your doctor for professional help at quitting smoking and the breath will soon follow.

Does my breath smell bad?

There is a pretty simple way to check if your breath stinks. First, lick your arm. I would recommend doing this immediately after taking a shower otherwise it might taste funny. After licking, wait around 10 seconds. At the end of the 10 seconds, proceed to smell your arm and that will be what other people smell. It’s very difficult to smell your own breath without this technique. An alternative to licking your arm is to look at the color of your dental floss and smell it after a good thorough flossing. The string may be white as it started, but it might also be brown which implies there should be more brushing to eliminate bad breath.

Salt water is a great natural solutions to rinse away organic particles left in your mouth that cause bad breath. Swish your mouth with some salty water after each meal to ensure there is a reduced population of bacteria. An alternative is an African chewing stick, which is pulled from local shrubberies. You can chew on these tiny sticks until they become frayed to freshen your breath quickly. It can also be used as a toothpick, which is quite helpful.

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