How to get rid of neck wrinkles

How To Get rid of a turkey neck

Turkey neck is what happens when the skin underneath your chin and around your neck becomes saggy and starts to hang. It can be very unattractive to many people and is generally a result of aging. For some, it may be caused from genetics or simply an unlucky health conditions. Others might have turkey neck from being overweight or loose neck muscles. Whatever the reason is, we are here to help you get rid of fat around your neck fast.

If your turkey neck is caused from being overweight, then the simplest way to reduce is to lose weight. Always consult your health care professional before making any major diet changes. I recommend going on a 30 minute morning walk before eating breakfast. This will kickstart your metabolism and you’ll lose those pounds before you know it. It is extremely difficult to target fat loss, and the only way to lose fat around the neck area is to lose it all over too. Losing weight too fast can also cause a bunch of lumpy skin to hang. Try not to lose more than an average of 5 pounds a month as this is the recommend rate of doctors.

Generally, turkey neck is a result of age and as people get older, their necks get longer. The skin above the shoulders starts to lose its elasticity due to the sun and other damaging compounds. Chin fat is very unwelcoming and has many negative connotations associated with it. Consider some of the techniques listed below to restore your neck to its natural state of health and youth.

Shaving can become a great problem for those with neck fat. For some, it takes half an hour just to get those little chin hairs under the mouth. Another problem associated with having dangling skin is perspiration. Consequently, one will sweat more and produce a foul body odor. This is not wanted in a professional workplace, or anyplace with society, for that matter. Be proactive about your health and don’t let things get out of hand. If you are trying to get rid of just old fashioned stretch marks near your legs, these methods work great too!

Turkey neck exercises

There are many exercises that can tighten skin, but these will only be effective if done daily. Getting rid of saggy skin can be scary at first, but there are tons of methods and techniques out there than can help you eliminate your saggy skin. Many of these methods can be applied to help reduce a turkey neck also! Many people will be curious,”Do neck exercises work for turkey neck?,” and I challenge them to try 15 minutes of these simple exercises for a month. I guarantee you will see results.

First, tilt your head to the right for 30 seconds. Start by leaning at first, then looking as far right as possible without straining your neck. As you are doing this, place your hand on the back of your head and apply a small amount of pressure. Do the same technique for the other side and repeat the entire process twice. This can be done in the office, at home, and even while waiting for the light to turn green. Strengthening your neck muscles through exercise is the first step to naturally getting rid of turkey neck.

Another exercise to perform is just general anaerobic training. Start by going to the gym twice a week. For the elderly, take a small short walk around the block. You don’t even have to work out to reduce the sagginess, just simply start by walking 10 minutes. Then increase the walking to 30 minutes until walking around the block for an hour at a time is no problem. By then you should start seeing visible results.

Drinking an appropriate amount of water is also necessary to reducing turkey neck. Staying hydrated will keep your body toned and in shape easier. Simply replace soda with water and junk food with fruits. As this may be very difficult for many, find someone who can and will be an accountability partner to make sure one doesn’t cheat. Hydrated skin is literally proven to be less likely to sag or wrinkle.

As odd as it may sound, stretching your skin around the neck every day can help bring back its youthful tightness. There are many facial yoga moves which allow the patient to drastically reduce symptoms of turkey neck in less than a year. Improve your posture by sitting up straight when on a computer and only sleep with one pillow to reduce the angle at which you sleep. All of these can help you in your journey to cut off that extra skin hanging around your neck. Little did you know that smiling can greatly increase happiness and wrinkle lines. I’m not saying not to smile, in fact, I’m saying that those who have many lines around their mouth have lived a fulfilled and happy life.

Turkey neck surgery

Do not fear, there are many ways to get rid of a turkey neck without surgery. The alternative is surgery. This may be the best method for many since it is painless and can happen overnight. Patience is hard to come by nowadays, people want things here and now. The fastest way to get rid of that fat around a neck is simply surgery. This surgery is also referred to as a neck lift and can be quite expensive. Take a few nights to understand that there are tons of ways to get rid of a saggy neck without surgery, and I recommend trying other methods to eliminate turkey neck without this permanent solution.

A seemingly perfect way to get rid of that hereditary waddle or extra skin hanging below your neck is to simply get it removed surgically. You may find surgery to be more effective if one tries weight loss first to reduce the amount of extra fat around the noticeable area. Cosmetic surgery can often be painful and not very cost-effective, but if it helps one’s self-esteem, then it is definitely worth it.

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